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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Amon Hen III ~ Frodo and Aragorn.

Posted on 2006.06.15 at 22:01


Claudia's Cove
claudia603 at 2006-06-17 01:41 (UTC) (Link)
Came here via Mews...

Okay, DYING here. Just DYING. I adore this scene, I adore Frodo and Aragorn adn how they interacted in the movie (and book, for that matter), and guh -- these pictures! I have nothing intelligent to say...
mechtild at 2006-06-17 04:26 (UTC) (Link)
CLAUDIA! You don't happen to be the Claudia the MEFA people are trying to track down to accept her nomination??? (After being quite in the dark about this event, I suddenly began to get inundated with emails about it, even though they weren't to me.) I hope you got over there to say something, if so. -- Sorry if you are a different Claudia, but I thought I'd pass it on.

Claudia, I am happy you are suffering and saying "guh" - I know enough of being a fan to know that sometimes it is excellent to suffer - as a fan. It is never excellent when our favourite characters suffer, although they do suffer -- and suffer excellently when they do. (Am I talking in a circle...?)

You inspire me to post the rest of my Amon Hen set, although Aragorn is not in them, alas and alack. It is very late, but I've spent the entire day cleaning and preparing food (party tomorrow). I need to unwind with a little Frodo-ness.

Claudia's Cove
claudia603 at 2006-06-17 15:04 (UTC) (Link)
Heh. I probably am that Claudia, but it's been resolved -- they finally found me, LOL! :D

Oh, yes, anything from Amon Hen. *drools* Actually any thing with Frodo and I'm a happy camper... :-D
mechtild at 2006-06-18 18:24 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, I'm so glad they reached you. Woo hoo!
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