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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Brokeback Mountain ~ Table of Links

Posted on 2006.05.02 at 09:37
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Brokeback Mountain Links page

~ from The New Yorker

Because there are now a number of BBM entries, and because I have found the “Tags”, “Archives”, and “Memories” features of LJ not that useful for finding things easily, I have decided to make a "table of links" for the Brokeback Mountain LJ entries, just as I have done for the Frodo and Elijah screencaps and the Frodo Art Travesties....

I will go back and edit a link to this page into all the BBM entries, and keep the link in the list under “Links” on the main journal page.

This is for my own convenience and for any of you who are BBM fans trying to find one of your comments, an image, etc.

~ Mechtild

Links to BBM entries:

BBM Screencaps, Pt. VII (final): The Dozy Embrace

BBM Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. VI, the Stairs Kiss, Second Half

BBM Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. V, the Stairs Kiss, First Half

BBM Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. IV, the Second Tent Scene

BBM Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. III, Face to face; a kiss with Alma

BBM Screencaps ~ The Kiss Scenes, Pt. II, the First tent scene

BBM Screencaps ~ Pt. I, Essay on erotica and slash, leading up to the love scenes of Brokeback Mountain

Well-reasoned article on BBM's Oscar loss, by Michael Jensen

Losing gracefully ~ the Roger Ebert article

SPOOF: The One that Got Away: Jack and Ennis ~ Gone Fishing

SPOOF: Jack and Ennis Find Montana not Nearly So Repressive as Wyoming

'Brokeback Mt. Doom' -- BBM Meets LotR

SPOOFS: 'Brokeback to the Future' and 'Hotdogs for Homophobes'

"Wainwright’s,“The Maker Makes,” from Brokeback Mountain ~ the words"

"Still thinking about 'Brokeback'...plus a great review by Daniel Mendelsohn"

"Men in Kissing Scenes: Brokeback did real good”

"Brokeback Mountain: beauty in which to lose yourself—Anthony Lane in The New Yorker"


mechtild at 2006-05-02 15:00 (UTC) (Link)
Hmm. I see I need to fix a few links.
Jet Gardner at 2013-12-10 18:31 (UTC) (Link)

Brokeback Mountain - Complete Novel 1943-2006

This is an invitation to the ultimate Brokeback experience, it includes Ennis and Jack's lives from births to deaths and everything in between

This includes over 200 BIG photos from the del Mar and Twist family albums
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