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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

BBM Screencaps ~ Part III: On 'Face to Face'; A kiss with Alma....

Posted on 2006.05.01 at 10:34


mechtild at 2006-05-03 19:19 (UTC) (Link)
but then I realized that element is one of the dimensions of the 4th of July scene. Alma is mostly scared by Ennis's abrupt and extremely explosive violence there, not so much by the bikers. Knowing he can go off like that at any slight emotional provokation, she has yet another reason (or excuse) for not having his infidelity out with him.

That's a very good observation. Seeing him beat up the man in the truck who had yelled at him in the street is another hint that he could be violent. When Ennis thinks Jack has been down to Mexico, he threatens him with violence, too. But I think the sense of Ennis containing explosive violence is actually part of the appeal for Jack. He isn't a bull-rider only because a cutting horse costs too much money. The signature way he relates to Jack physically in all their erotic/love scenes is very consistent. Ennis is like one of the bulls he rides, and Jack's approach is just to not lose his cool, but to stay with him, stay on, stay in contact, unthrowable. And that's how it goes.

When Ennis says, "there ain't no reins on this one," he thinks he is talking about their love affair but really, I think, he is talking about himself. But Jack is not cowed or put off by this; I think he considers it a challenge, like the mare that has the low startle point that he insists he can ride.
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