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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Inspiration to Diet ~ Pics from the King Kong DVD Extras....

Posted on 2006.04.24 at 17:32


mechtild at 2006-04-25 01:03 (UTC) (Link)
FotR was the first DVD you ever watched???? Not just the Extras????

Hey, Shirebound, you know what? I think it was the first DVD I ever watched, too. No -- it was the EE of ForR. In fact, I think we bought our first DVD player purposely so that "Mom can watch the show she's nutty about."

Since I never watched television, and rarely even watched videos of films, I had zero incentive to invest in anything extra. Tapes were good enough. Whenever my husband and daughter would lobby for a DVD player I'd say, no, what we have is fine for our uses. And I stuck with that veto, since we hadn't money to spare, UNTIL I became an LotR fan. When I learned that there would be an EE version, and that its massive "extras" (much touted on the messageboards) would only be available in a DVD version, I said, "OK: let's go to the electronics store."

My husband and daughter were ecstatic.

THEN, when the RotK EE was going to come out, I pulled out all the stops. Their jaws dropped when I said, "Let's get a new TV with a bigger screen." To this day my husband has teased me how grateful he is to Peter Jackson for letting him get a DVD player and a big TV set.

You are so right about how superb all the LotR DVD's are, inlcuding the Extras. They are wonders in their own rights. Even my daughter continues to say, "Lord of the Rings spoiled me for other movies, Mom. They just all seem so 'bleh' compared to them." How much she loves PJ's King Kong is demonstrated by her tentative admission that she thought she might like it as well as TTT, her least favourite of the three LotR films (she does love it, just not the best).

Isn't that cute?

shirebound at 2006-04-25 01:09 (UTC) (Link)
*giggles* And you're talking to the last person on earth to go VHS (and I still own a working Betamax videotape machine and about 80 beta tapes). I also bought a DVD player JUST because of LOTR. Ah, the power of those films....

Does your daughter even like those face-sucking giant bugs???

mechtild at 2006-04-25 01:20 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, she does. Heck, I loved the giant face-sucking bugs. I thought they were a riot. I thought the design department must have been in stitches making them, and Andy Serkis beside himself acting being eaten by them. They were the most genital-like things I've ever seen on the screen: on the one hand, like giant, glistening, waving, muscular, erect penises, but they happen to have huge, sucking mouth-like orifices on the ends of them that open up, studded with a zillion pointy teeth, to grasp and suck down a man's head.

I thought Shelob was a randy boy's nightmare, but the "face-sucking bugs," oh, save me, Mr. Frodo!

I loved all the creatures; actually, I just thought Peter let them go on for far too long. My daughter loved it, but for most viewers it was just too much and marred the overall film which I thought quite good, with strong, provocative themes about love and integrity and aesthetics.
shirebound at 2006-04-25 01:27 (UTC) (Link)
It's all old news now, but you might enjoy reading my post about the 2004 San Diego Comic Con. In addition to the ROTK EE DVD spoilers which the audience got to see a few months early, we also learned something about the making of the DVD's, like... "Peter Jackson shot 7,000,000 feet of film for LOTR, and 12,500,000 feet of film just for the behind-the-scenes extras."

mechtild at 2006-04-25 01:46 (UTC) (Link)
I just read the report you linked, Shirebound. What a THRILL that must have been. Masses of fans, presentations, celebrities and real props and costumes from the films. I saw the LotR Museum exhibit this Oct. in Indiana (drove 11 hours there to do it!) and loved it. (Except that they provided no catalogue or brochure for free or to buy - and forbade the taking of notes - oh, and very few hobbit costumes.)
shirebound at 2006-04-25 01:55 (UTC) (Link)
The most thrilling part of Comic Con was being able to share what I experienced with so many people. What a wonderful community we all are.

And what I would give to see a complete exhibition of all the hobbit costumes! I would eat, sleep, and write amongst them and never leave...
mechtild at 2006-04-25 02:07 (UTC) (Link)
And what I would give to see a complete exhibition of all the hobbit costumes! I would eat, sleep, and write amongst them and never leave...

Me, too! Especially if they were ones the hobbit actors actually wore. Otherwise they'd lose their "relic value." No disrespect to Kiran Shah, but I was slightly disappointed that the museum exhibit showed Frodo's tweed-coat-brown-velvet-leaving-the-Shire costume for the scale double, not one worn by Elijah Wood, his primary actor. (You know, the one whose face I swoon for, screen cap and manip.) I think Frodo's party vest was there, though, which was great. No Sam costume, only his pack. There was no Bilbo costume at all and he really wore a gem.
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