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Inspiration to Diet ~ Pics from the King Kong DVD Extras....

As some of you know, my daughter is a huge fan of the recent King Kong film, directed by Peter Jackson. I accompanied her to all three viewings she attended -- in maternal and fannish companionship.

I may not love the film the way she does, but I did think it was a very good film. Moreover I know what it means to have someone else to squee to.

The day the DVD went on sale, she took her shiny new license and drove up to the store to buy her copy. Would I watch the movie again with her? Sure. Would I watch the Extras with her? *awkward pause* Didn't I want to watch the DVD extras with her? *blustery* Sure I did!

So I watched the DVD extras and found New Inspiration for going on that diet I keep not going on....

Right off the bat, the extras for King Kong in no way touch what came with the LotR EE's, but this is not an EE, just a regular theatrical release. What was I expecting? But there were some interesting segments.

For one thing, it was great seeing my "friends" on the production side of Peter Jackson's films. I feel like they are my friends, LOL, having at one time nearly memorized the contents of the LotR EE DVD extras.

"Awww, doesn't Dan Hennah still look cute and fluffy?" I crooned to my daughter. She thought he looked old then and old now. I'm so old I did little swoons for Bernard Hill and Alan Lee in the LotR DVD extras. She just thought of them as equivalent to people's grandparents. "And there's Richard Taylor -- don't he and Tanya look good?" I raved. "Oh, and look -- Andrew Lesnie cut off his wild man hair! -- boo hoo hoo! But Jamie Selkirk and Grant Major look the same...."

Peter Jackson's picture I had seen here and there during the filming, so I was somewhat prepared to see him looking svelte. And he really, really did. Look svelte. Svelter and svelter as the King Kong extras progressed, since the "Production Diaries" were filmed and put together in chronological sequence during the time he was continuing to lose weight.

As PJ talked to the camera (in his funky shirt), I kept thinking, "Who does he remind me of...?" I finally decided he had got around to looking like Dom Monaghan's older brother, if he had one, but with dark hair. Isn't that funny? But if tubby PJ was hobbit-ish, thin-PJ is puckish, as dis Dom.

He also looked tired. Still kindly, smart and good to work for and with, but tired. It's not that he didn't look good slim, appearance-wise, or that he looked suddenly older, but he did project a comparatively low energy level in these extras, as if he were having to husband his reserves. Which he might have been, if his reducing diet was extremely rigorous, and it appears to have been rigorous judging from the speed of the results. I've been on diets so stringent they altered my behaviour, making me seem uncharacteristically low-key. It could have happened to him, too.

Then we got to the section of the Extras on ADR. That's when they record all the dialogue and vocalizations afterwards. As for LotR, almost all of the dialogue this film was re-recorded by the actors in the studio.

I was sitting on the couch watching the scene. The documenter's camera entered the ADR studios. Inside, a man and a woman were sitting on a sofa watching the footage and talking. As the camera moved closer, they began speaking to the camera, laughing and joking and explaining. I recognized the man as the actor, Colin Hanks, who plays Preston in the film (yes, he's Tom Hank's son in real life). But who was the woman? She looked terribly familiar. Even more familiar was her voice, with its New Zealand twang.

"Who's that?" I asked my daughter, who hangs out on KK messageboards and knows everything.

"Mom," she groaned, rolling her eyes in exasperated disbelief. "Can't you tell? It's Philippa Boyens!"

No, I couldn't tell. Once she had told me, of course it was obvious to me. But I really hadn't known! Like Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, too, went on a Big Diet. She looked great. And, unlike PJ, she didn't seem one bit tired. She seemed more alive than ever - vivacious, bright, full of joie de vivre.

I posted two screencaps of her, below, but they don't do her justice. It was not just that her face was slimmer or her hair style slightly different. She was recognizable. She didn't turn into a twenty-year-old starlet. It was her manner, her aura, if you will, that had altered. She looked like a woman for whom it was a pleasure to be alive. A woman who felt attractive. A woman who was getting laid a lot and loving it.

"Heck," I thought to myself, a little envious and wistful. "I remember looking and feeling like that, eons ago when I went on my last diet that really worked. I, too, felt as though I had emerged a rejuvenated, restored woman: A Goddess. it looks like Philippa is feeling pretty goddess-y these days, too.

* * *

Because I am betting few of you saw King Kong, and that fewer of you liked it, and fewer still might have seen its DVD extras, I am posting the pictures of Peter and Philippa below.

No hard feelings, Philippa and PJ, for trashing some of Frodo's scenes. Honest.

* * *

Here are some shots of PJ at various stages of weight loss, working on King Kong, from "The Production Diaries":

~ PJ talking to the camera for the DVD extras commentary: (Love that shirt, PJ!)

~ PJ holding the metal "skeleton" of the real puppet used for the original 1933 King Kong:

~ Pete directing the shifting around of logs for a set:

~ Pete directing a pair of extras, a husband and wife team, for the scene in which King Kong rampages around Manhattan:

~ Pete directing a scene in the hold of the ship with Adrien Brody and Jack Black (Andy Serkis, who was a scream in the role of Lumpy the cook, is in the doorway):

Two shots of Philippa Boyens from the section on ADR from "The Production Diaries":

I really am happy for them both, having struggled with weight on and off since puberty.

Go PJ and Philippa! I hope to let them serve as role models, to jump-start my own stalled efforts.

~ Mechtild
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