Mechtild (mechtild) wrote,

Bother! My email seems to be messed up ...

Just to let you who email me know, I have been having trouble receiving emails for the last two or three days. Grrrr ...! Sob ...!

I am not getting any reply-to-thread or PM notifications at K-D (I haven't had them at TORc for months, so that's nothing different), and I have learned of at least three messages people have sent me via my regular email which I never have received.

I am worried that people are sending me things and I am not getting them -- and so don't respond to them. I have emailed folks about this and have asked them to reply to let me know if they got the message -- but what if they do and I don't receive it anyway? *smites brow*

Shees! Don't you hate it when email screws up?

Frodo, being empathetic ...

In the meantime, if you can't get through to me via my regular email, you can PM me over at K-D. I won't get the PM notification, but I open the site regularly just to check.

If any of you would like to comment on this entry, I would appreciate it. That would give me another way I can check what is working and what isn't. Normally I would get an emailed reply notice.


* crosses fingers *
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