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Three Re-do's of Frodo Art Travesties....

~ Detail from Frodo in "The Death of Chatterton."

I re-did some older Art Travesty manips....

I have been so pleased with the results working with the new photo program I got at Christmas, I have decided to tweak and even re-do some of my old Frodo art manips. This is just to serve as notice for those of you who save these images in your files. If saved them more than a couple of days ago, please know that these Art Travesties have been redone.

1. The Death of Chatterton, by Henry Wallis, c. 1856.

See original painting here.

Putting Frodo's face into this well-known 19th century painting was one of my first attempts at making an art manip. I loved the way the painting went with the passage from the text (see below), but I never was happy with the way the face fit into the picture. My old program simply couldn't do feathered edges, so if the shadow of the chin line didn't mask the join to the neck, the join was very obvious.

I think the new version is very much improved. Many thanks again to my husband for buying me the new program. I have got so much better at this because of it.

~ Frodo at Farmer Cotton's, per Henry Wallis:


When the Row was ready he went with the Gaffer. In addition to all his other labours he was busy directing the cleaning up and restoring of Bag End; but he was often away in the Shire on his forestry work. So he was not at home in early March and did not know that Frodo had been ill. On the thirteenth of that month Farmer Cotton found Frodo lying on his bed; he was clutching a white gem that hung on a chain about his neck and he seemed half in a dream.

'It is gone for ever,' he said, 'and now all is dark and empty.'

2. The Awakening Conscience, by William Holman Hunt, c. 1853.

To view the original Holman Hunt, click here.

This manip was made from another Pre-Raphaelite's work. I thought it a very pretty, very charming, but very silly picture. In the original painting the young courtesan is rising from her lover's lap because she has seen the light ("the awakening conscience"). With Frodo in the painting, I thought she looked like she had seen the light, too, but one that made her inclined to sit in his lap, not leap out of it.

As a manip, I thought it made a very fine picture of Mr. Baggins (the one of naughty fanfics), entertaining at home.

The original manip was made from a rather small image of the painting, so the resulting manip was not only smaller, it lacked good detail and crispness. The colours were a little smeary and Frodo's face was not quite in focus. I like this version much better.

~ Frodo entertaining at home, per William Holman Hunt:

3. The Fortune Teller, by Caravaggio, c. 1595.

To see the original Caravaggio, click here.

This was another one of my earliest manips. The face I had chosen (a smile from the Grey Havens scene) was enchanting; very saucy, but it looked terribly pasted-on. When I decided to re-do it this week, I tried some different faces.

Finally I chose this one, a near-profile from the Green Dragon scene in the end of RotK. I thought it created quite a different mood. Frodo had looked boyishly confident in the previous version, as if he thought the whole thing a lark or an excuse to chat up the fortune teller. In this one Frodo looks more ambivalent about hearing what she has to say, almost reluctant under a guise of skepticism. I imagine him experiencing just the tiniest prick of foreboding. But the fortune teller's look is one of gentle encouragement, and her touch delicate.

~ Frodo submits to having his fortune told, per Caravaggio:

The Fortuneteller, by Caravaggio

4. Portrait of a Youth, by Georg Pencz, c. 1544.

To see how greatly Frodo improved this portrait, click here.

This manip was the best of the series in which we in the Harem (at Khazad-dum) snorted over the Tudor fashion of the padded, stiffened cod piece. Ah, what fun we had writing racy, silly vignettes to go with the manips. I made others, but I definitely preferred this one.

Nothing could top the flamboyant, assertive sexuality of this Tudor youth's costume (with it's notably upstanding, flaming red velvet codpiece) -- nothing except the face of Frodo wearing one of his smokiest expressions.

The only thing I re-did on this one was do a better match of tones between the colour of Frodo's face and the hands of the young man in original portrait. (They had not matched well at all.)

~ Frodo, as Georg Pencz's youth:

Well, that's it for this lot.


I will be presenting my new and improved "full-frontal Frodo's." I re-did the only two Art Travesties that feature Frodo in paintings that are fully nude, the Michelangelo David (I re-did the harsh chin area) and the Reni Bacchus and Ariadne (I gave him an organ transplant).

~ Mechtild

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