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Bree Screencaps: Frodo recovers from Ring spell....

This will wrap up Bree for a while....

I don't plan to cap the next scene (in which Aragorn tells Frodo and his companions about the Nazgul) for a while. I look forward to it, of course, since every cap I have seen from that sequence makes Frodo look utterly ravishing. But my houseguest is returning for the high days of Holy Week - which begin tonight - and that means the computer (which is in the guest room) will be largely unavailable except for snatches.

* * *

In this series, Frodo has just pulled off the Ring. Unlike the book scene, in which wearing the Ring didn't seem to have made an impression on Frodo, film-Frodo has a sort of fit during which he is cast into "Ring world." In an intense visionary experience he sees and is brought before the Eye, which he hears addressing him. Frodo is able to pull the Ring from his finger just in time but with great difficulty. Panting and groaning, he has barely recovered when a strong hand grips his shoulder.

* * *

Frankly, I did not expect or plan to cap this tiny sequence. As it played, Frodo did not present any of the looks I have been selecting for my particular "swooncaps." These 'looks' would include: 'Happy Frodo', 'Profoundly Moving Frodo', and 'Classical-painting-beautiful Frodo'. But when I saw the first of these frames emerging I stopped and used the pause button to advance. With a chortle, I knew I watned to make a series of them.

Considering how much fun we've had guffawing and groaning over the "Get off the Road!" caps (detailing the "Fro-gasm"), I knew these would be appreciated by affectionate and naughty-minded Frodo fans everywhere. They are not knock-outs, like the Tree-Root-Frodo-in-post-Orgasmic-Ecstasy caps, but they have their own charm.

* * *

Again, since these come from a very dark sequence, difficult to see on a small screen, I have adjusted the screencaps, brightening and sharpening them. For comparison, here is an unretouched image from this series:

Well, then, let us hasten to the screencaps.

Poor, dear film-Frodo. What isn't he put through? (And don't we love it?)

~ Frodo has just pulled off the Ring, apparently having rolled or crawled under a table near Aragorn during his "Ring fit"....

~ Strider warns him, "You draw far too much attention to yourself, 'Mr. Underhill'...."

The table for all Frodo and Elijah Wood screencaps can be found HERE.

~ Mechtild
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