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Bree Screencaps ~ The Ring Calls....

Cont'd. from the previous entry....

Note: once again I brightened and sharpened these images.

Here is an unretouched frame from the sequence:

Frodo has begun to fiddle with the Ring, the camera watching his hands turn it about in close-up. The voice of the Ring begins to be heard, whispering, "Baggins, Baggins...."

At first Frodo relaxes at the sound of it, as if falling into a trance....

The camera moves closer. His face has begun to sweat:

Tension begins to show, as if Frodo is sensing and feeling something less than pleasant.

Suddenly, over the top of the chant-like whispering of his name, Pippin's voice is heard calling out, "Baggins" -- the name which was not to be uttered outside of the Shire.

In extreme close-up, Frodo winces. The sound seems to recall him, dragging him back to consciousness:

~ To be cont'd...

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~ Mechtild
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