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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

The End of All Things Pt. 2 ~ 'I can see the Shire….'

Posted on 2006.03.20 at 15:17
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Screencap #’s 12 - 29

After the opening close-up of Frodo on the rock, there is another long shot of the two of them on the promontory.

The camera returns to Frodo’s face, his eyes still closed, but then a major chord is softly struck (I can feel the hairs on my arms rising just imagining the sound of it). The chord is sustained, creating a sort of “musical glow” around the scene, as surely as if Frodo’s head were surrounded by a nimbus of light. It grows and develops during the whole sequence. As the chord sounds, Frodo's face alters, his expression lifts.

“I can see the Shire!" he breathes....

Screencap #’s 30 – 31

Then, photographed in profile while slowly panning to Sam, Frodo begins to name with almost unbelieving joy what he now can see in his mind. Sauron had torn all of his images away, replacing them with the one image, the token of Sauron and the Ring, the Wheel of Fire.

This scene is so vivid to me, I feel as though I can see the images, too, as they rise behind Frodo’s eyelids, images cherished and familiar.

“The Brandywine River,” he continues....

(--to be cont’d…)

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~ Mechtild


Estë   (or ST for short)
este_tangletoes at 2006-03-21 10:09 (UTC) (Link)
Your commentary has given me goose-bumps.
mechtild at 2006-03-21 14:09 (UTC) (Link)
It just goes to show how good the screenwriters were when they weren't going off into their own weird versions of Tolkien. They pared the scenes down to just enough and let the actors, composer and camera people do the rest.
pearlette at 2006-03-22 09:24 (UTC) (Link)
Absolutely. When PJ, Fran and Philippa got it right, they got it SO right. (It's a mystery to me, how they could balls up other stuff so much. :p)

But, yes, this is an utterly sublime sequence in the film. It makes me cry just thinking about it. And your commentary is absolutely WONDERFUL.

That's my Book Frodo, right there, and he is absolutely beautiful - in spirit above all.

'Musical glow.' shivers.
mechtild at 2006-03-22 14:29 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, Pearl, comments like yours make me so happy I purr. I feel guilty idulging myself in these immeditiate-gratification side-projects, but I do love doing them, especially when they help present such profound and moving beauty.

julchen11 at 2007-03-25 22:10 (UTC) (Link)
You words are giving me goose-bumps…
Watching Frodo’s face from the first to the last picture … it becomes so very soft and shows some kind of peace. Only thinking about this scene makes me cry again. *sigh*
One can only imagine the sensibility of Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh … great works of them, though they can be brilliant but it’s the actor who brings this special feeling to us. To let us feel his emotions. This guy was only 18 or 19 at this time, all the more it’s incredible what he was doing…

Thank you, mechtild, for another wonderful post. *happy sigh*
mechtild at 2007-03-26 01:44 (UTC) (Link)
I agree. EW did an incredible job in these scenes.
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