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The End of All Things Pt. 3 ~ 'Rosie Cotton, Dancing'....


Screencap #’s 32 – 44

As beloved images continue to open in his mind, Frodo names them with delight.

Behind him, Sam is not listening with delight. The camera shows Sam's face while Frodo is speaking, weary and infinitely sad.

“Bag End," Frodo says with fatigued happiness, "Gandalf’s fireworks... the lights….”

As he listens, Sam is remembering, too. But for Sam, remembering is a very different experience. The memories bring Frodo a sense of recovery, but for Sam, they bring a sense of loss.

The camera returns to Frodo's face. "The Party Tree," he extolls....

Screencap #’s 46 – 51

The camera cuts back to Sam's face, obviously struggling against his feelings. He speaks.

“Rosie Cotton, dancing," Sam says with a painful wistfulness that hurts. “She had ribbons in her hair....”

When the camera returns to Frodo's face, it is plain he has heard the emotion in Sam’s voice.

(--to be cont’d…)

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