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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

More phallic silliness . . .

Posted on 2005.07.15 at 07:52


mechtild at 2005-07-15 18:59 (UTC) (Link)

Glad you enjoyed the stuffed projectiles

Ann, Hi! You wrote,

...[M]y friend faramir_boromir had posted a link to it in her journal a few weeks back. So when I saw your wiggly worms I immediately sent her the link to your journal. She died laughing!

Perhaps [u]faramir_boromir[/u] (a fan of the famous "Mir" brothers?) will enjoy the "Rampant Satyrs" just as well as "Wormie the Water Sensor". Too bad the satyrs image on Google didn't say which theatrical company was doing this production; the title of the image only gave the name of the play. Perhaps I can research it? Whether it was well-acted or not, the costumer deserves a standing ovation.

Ariel, I am glad to hear the LJ-cut worked. When I pressed "preview" I was awfully nervous, because it showed the image. But I see it worked after all. You are right about the use of the LJ-cut. I think I will start using it for every journal entry, just so they won't take up so much space on the "Friends" thing that shows all the recent journal entries.

~ Mechtild
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