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More phallic silliness . . .

In response to the last entry (about the phallic water sensors that so amused me), Maeglian sent me a great link to a comic site called, Phallic Logo Awards. However, it did not show up in the journal; I only received it as an emailed reply notification. Go figure. Anyway, here's Maeglian's link, if you'd like a morning laugh:

Phallic Logo Awards:

In case you don't bother to open it, if you scroll down to the bottom (HA!) you'll see the grand prize winner, the logo for the "Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies."

I thought it had to be fake it was so funny. But when I Googled up the institute, it's site said, "Sorry, under construction." I guess they found out the internet world was guffawing over their innocent little logo.

As Maeglian pointed out, it's supposed to be a pagoda in front of the red sun of Japan. Here it is:

Logo for The Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies:

Image hosted by

I laughed so hard when I saw it, my husband (who was just finishing up mowing the yard) had to lean in to ask me what was so funny.

I think this logo would make a great icon for an "assophile" site, slash or het (I first heard the term in a 1980's film of Federico Fellini, The City of Women; in it, his main character is referred to as one -- a man who most loved women from behind).

On to more phallic silliness....

When I was Googling up "SATYRS" to find that Disney image of the dancing fauns, I also found the following publicity shot from a modern production of an ancient Greek farce featuring satyrs. It features four actors in costume. And what costumes! The actors must have loved prancing about it these. And I'll bet the costumers had many laughs making them. (The droopy fellow in the middle is supposed to be the aged Silenus).

Now these are satyrs primed for action! (I will try to use an LJ-cut, since it's not "work-safe".)

Four Satyrs from, "Bursting the Grape":


Ariel, are these guys big enough to suit...? *wink*

~ Mechtild
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