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Pulp Fiction Frodo: Too Hot to Sleep

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Inspired by the wonderfully trashy book cover aussiepeach made for mariole ("the Ripper")'s birthday (visit her LJ to check it out - bwahahaha!), I decided to make the "Pulp Fiction Frodo" manip I'd been planning to do for weeks. I'd been saving it for a rainy day. (O.K. so it's not raining, it's snowing.)

I work at a library, right here in "Minnesota-nice" Duluth. Imagine my surprise when, unloading a bin of returned items, I saw this book. Enchanted by the cover art, I checked it out and asked my husband to scan it at work. What a treasure! (I just love campy book jackets.)

Actually, I had had no idea our library stocked this sort of thing, or that Harelquin published anything higher-rated than PG. Am I behind the times! Flipping [unerringly] to the sex scene, I would call Too Hot to Handle solidly "R." That it was should have come as no surprise, considering the naughtiness of the cover (just love the way his hand is situated).

If you are wondering, the blurb on the back says the story relates the late-night visits to the heroine's home by the handsome local police officer. Apparently, in this woman's town the police are not terribly busy.

ETA: Links to the cover of the original:

Front cover

Back cover


Happy Birthday, Mariole:
Ripper Extraordinaire!

You made me do it....

~ Frodo Baggins feels the mercury (or something) rising in the Ripper's steamy new best-seller, Too Hot to Sleep....

ETA #2: I decided to add this manip to the Frodo Art Travesties album, even though the book cover from which this was made does not rank as Art.

~ Mechtild

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