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'Brokeback Mt. Doom' -- BBM Meets LotR.....

~ Frodo, having a "Brokeback moment," as he recalls pleasant stays at the Del Mar Motel in Montana....

Twiddling my thumbs, procrastinating reading Frodo fics (recently finished last four or five engrossing chapters of RoP:Bag End and am several installments into the vivid, visceral Counterpoint). Avoiding chores and my own writing.

While busy doing all these things an e-friend linked me yet another Brokeback spoof. It's just like the "Brokeback to the Future" spoof I so enjoyed, but this one makes use of Sam and Frodo from the LotR films. It's not quite as clever as the Back to the Future version, but it gave me a few snorts and guffaws. The very last ten or fifteen seconds, especially, are well-worth it.

Here's the link to the clip....

Brokeback Mt. Doom

I don't know how long this site will host this once the Oscars are finished, so look at it now, if you are inclined towards this sort of humour.

* * *

Side reflections, having watched the spoof ... (prompted by remarks of the e-friend who sent the link):

What a broo-ha-ha was made over the purported "homoerotic content" in the Sam/Frodo material in LotR! The Tolkien messageboard (TORc) where I first began to read and post about the book and films were full of it. At that time, still a reader of the book and watcher of the films, but not a reader of fanfic (*wink*), I had no idea what folks were talking about. Were we reading the same book? Watching the same film? Obviously, sex (and sexuality) in Tolkien were in the eye of the beholder.

Watching this spoof -- which depends specifically on comparing it to an actual, unmistakable, unambiguous story of same-sex love (the one in BBM) -- I see all the more how innocently Sam and Frodo were portrayed in the LotR films. I know that doesn't stop the imagination of viewers from taking their relationship further afield, since I read the results, but the two companions really are such hobbit sweeties in these scenes.

Whatever his other faults in adapting the book to film, Peter Jackson really was quite bold, even daring, to show such an easy, affectionate, and intimate friendship between two male characters. I thank him for that. A lot.

~ Mechtild

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