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Escape to Buckleberry Ferry - FotR Frodo Screencaps

Well, before I hunker down to get something done around here, I thought I'd post a few screencaps I made over the weekend.

This short series of screencaps come from the scene in the forest in which the hobbits are escaping from the Black Rider. I found this scene quite exciting in the film. Howard Shore, as always, did a great job with the scoring, and I thought the sound editors did a super job choosing horse noises. They outdid themselves finding a recording of a horse whose whinnying sounded this guttural, even tortured. It added wonderfully to the sense of threat and maniacal menace already established by the visuals (the make-up they did around the horse's mouth, and especially its feet and hooves was perfectly loathesome; I loved it). I suppose they tweaked the real horse sounds, but they did very well. The sound of that horse made me think of artworks depicting horses with smoke and fire poring from their nostrils, like dragons....

This night scene is necessarily very dark. It has the degree of darkness I would have preferred in the scenes of Gondor under seige in RotK, but only got when it was supposed to be the actual night. The darkness sent by Sauron never was portrayed. Which could end up looking nonsensical: as pretty as the scene was, what was the sense of Gandalf lifting his staff to emit a ray of pure light to repell the Nazgul as they swooped down on Faramir's men on the Pelennor, when it was broad daylight?.

In the screencaps below, to make the frames more visible on the relatively small screen of a computer monitor, I have brightened them all. On the big screen in a dark theatre they didn't need it. The original frames have their own broody beauty left dark -- very dramatic, and Frodo, as usual, is stunning in all of them. But they really are too dark to see on a small screen in a lit room.

Here is an example of an unretouched cap from the scene:

When I think of "blue Frodo" shots, I usually think of him as he appears in Galadriel's glade. He is unbelievably gorgeous in those Lothlorien frames, as is Galadriel (until she goes nuclear). They aren't just "blue" -- they glow -- with eerie, chilly, nearly celestial radiance.

The sort of blue in the scene below is very different -- dark and stark -- suitable for a desperate escape by night.

~ Frodo evades the Black Rider in FotR, full-screen edition of the theatrical version:

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~ Mechtild
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