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Photobucket Blues.... Where Have All the Screencaps Gone?

What the heck happened????

Dear Frodo Screencap fans, I apologise for the hiatus in screencap service on most of the FotR entries!

Estë pointed out to me that she could not see some caps when viewing the "Frodo Screencap" entries. I checked this morning and the great bulk of them were down! Nearly the whole FotR album! I have no idea how this happened, since I haven't taken the links down and they are still up in the albums.

The only thing I can think of is that over the weeken I complained to Photobucket that someone - not me - had taken down my cap from Brokeback Mountain, the one showing the two characters in a close-up kiss scene. Only their faces, in a very dark, hard-to-see picture! Was it censorship? I had moved it under a cut, too! I checked: the link wasn't down, but the image had been removed from my album. I couldn't believe it. This morning I see that the image has been restored.

But now a hundred Frodo screencap links are disconnected!

I have been tinkering around. Since the images are still in the Photobucket album, it looks as though I can restore the Frodo caps them by re-entering all the links in the LJ entries. I should be done in a few hours. If that doesn't work, I will have to complain again to Photobucket.

Doesn't it just figure? Last week, after a year, I upgraded my Photobucket from 'free' to a paid account.


'Table of contents' links for screencaps HERE

ETA: "One learns by making mistakes......"


After re-posting a gazillion caps, and seeing the url's of every one of them over and over as I replaced them, I finally figure out what happened.....

A few days ago, before I posted my "Frodo receives the envelope" screencap entry, I renamed the album that contained most of my FotR screencaps. (The EW and "Behind the Scenes" caps are in another album, for the most part.) Realising I was going to have a million pages in one album if I kept making and posting screencaps like this, I decided I had better break them up into sub-albums. (When an album gets to 10-11 pages, it's time-consuming to go through them, looking for a specific image.)

SO. Although I didn't change the names of any of the caps, changing the name from "FotR caps" to "FotR caps I" effectively broke all the links. Every cap I had posted before I changed the album name wound up with a slightly different code from what it had had before.

So, for you folks out there who are as negligent as I at reading the directions for a site, let that be a lesson to you. If you alter the name of an album in your image-hosting account, you end up breaking all the links. Heaven knows in which threads and LJ's I have posted these screencaps! All those links are broken, too.

~ Mechtild
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