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Fireside Scene Pt. I... Frodo receives the envelope containing the Ring....

Estë (este_tangletoes) commented a few posts ago that she really had liked my remarks about "fireside Frodo" holding the envelope (back in the "Harem" thread at K-D), the envelope into which Gandalf had just slipped the Ring, sealing it with molten wax....

I can't remember what I said back in the thread, but I remembered that shot, with its red-glowing beauty. Estë has since sent a copy of the shot to me, which I have posted below.

Now that I have capped this scene, I see that this very famous image does not actually appear in the theatrical release. I suspect it is an outtake, used as a publicity still for the film. The lighting is extremely different, too, much ruddier. It was this lighting I was thinking of when I wrote my own "before the fire" chapter, in my fic. The lighting colour in the film scene is gold, not red. Perhaps they tweaked the publicity still to make it more strikingly "fire-like." I sure do adore this still, though. If anyone finds a bigger image of it, I would love to have it. This is the largest I've found:

~ Frodo holding the envelope in FotR (not actually a screencap from the film):

Estë's remark inspired me, however, and I popped in my DVD to capture some images. Again, it pained me to toss out 2/3's of the frames, but here is a sequence worth poring over.

I have said it before but I will repeat it. These FotR fireside scenes between Gandalf and Frodo are so good they speak of cinematic genius. Even before I fell in love with Frodo (in the "falling in love" sense), I recognized these scenes for the gems they were.

In the series of frames below, Frodo has just heard Gandalf's hasty announcement that the Ring is his, left to him by the abruptly departed Bilbo. The Ring's precise nature is not yet known to either of them, but, already, Gandalf has his suspicions.

Frodo comes into this scene still all a-muddle: missing his uncle, a bit overwhelmed at having been left in the lurch to see to the party (and his life). And here is Gandalf, rushing him through the reception of the mysterious Ring that has been left in his keeping. Frodo may not know anything, in the cognitive sense, but, clearly, he already senses that Someting is Afoot -- something of moment -- something that will require his courage.

In the sequence below, Gandalf has just tucked the Ring into an envelope, handing it to Frodo. My cap selection didn't capture it, but, just before Frodo's hand touches the envelope, the light in the room darkens. A mili-moment later, it comes back.

Is it just the wavering firelight, or a creative decision on the part of the filmmakers, full of portent, however subtle....?

Heavens, but I love these caps.

Thanks again to Estë for reminding me of this sequence, that I might post it here.

~ Frodo receives the Ring from Gandalf in the first Fireside Scene from FotR:

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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