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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

FotR Screencaps ~ 'Get Off the Road' - The Turn of the Head....

Posted on 2006.02.09 at 11:39


mechtild at 2006-02-10 02:37 (UTC) (Link)
Bagma, what a great passage to lift out of the text for comparison. It is such a famous passage for Frodo fans, maybe I was thinking of that in the back of my mind when I heard the "porcelain" remark (see below). It really suits wonderfully. I'll repeat it, just because it is such a fine passage:

'Frodo's face was peaceful, the marks of fear and care had left it; but it looked old, old and beautiful, as if the chiselling of the shaping years was now revealed in many fine lines that has before be hidden, though the identity of the face was not changed.'

The idea all started when someone on a thread was saying how fed up she was with critics calling film Frodo pretty but weak -- fragile, breakable, like porcelain. (Well, the critics had a lot of help from PJ, Walsh and Boyens, but never mind that!) That made me think of bone china, a hard-paste porcelain with bone ash added to it, which gives it excellent tensile strength, even when made very thin. The stuff I received has worn beautifully. That film critic had meant the comparison ill, but I could see that it was really apt, more than the critic would ever guess.

When I thought of how bone china was even translucent, too, it made my skin prickle. Perfect, I thought.

So, nyah nyah nyah on that critic.
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