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My latest favourite 'Painterly Frodo' shot....

I just have a quick question....

Do any of you know where the shot of Frodo posted below comes from?

~ Painterly Frodo:

In all my capping and poring over galleries, I had never seen this image until Ariel posted it in a thread recently, in the form of a wallpaper with lyrics from "Into the West" superimposed over it. To restore it to what might have been it's original appearance, I have clone-brushed the text out of the frame.

Where does this come from? Is it in the final films at all? From never-used footage? A publicity still?

This portrait is my new all-time favourite. It's fabulously painterly, a beautiful picture no matter whom it depicted. But, as it is, it's a superb Frodo portrait, capturing all of his beauty, but so much more. The pose, the expression, the lighting awork together to convey a mix of moods so subtle, I haven't yet decided what inner thoughts and feelings his face best portrays. Maybe that's one of the reasons I like it so much ... it is left up to each viewer to sense what might be going on inside Frodo, and the viewer's own mood each time she looks at it.

When I first saw it posted, I was sure it was the source for a very popular image of Frodo, one I secretly call, "Dark Beauty Frodo." I used it for the face in my Frodo Art Travesty manip, After the Bath: Frodo Before the Fire.

Here's a copy of that famous shot:

~ "Dark Beauty" Frodo:

To me, it looks like it came from the same image, but reversed, then photo-shopped.

Edited to add: Wendy, below, said it came from the extra DVD that came with the Special Edition version of the RotK soundtrack CD. She was right. I made a cap from my copy, posted below.

Here's an unretouched version of the image Ariel posted, with the text over it:

~ Mechtild
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