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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

EW Screencaps, Ridiculous Thoughts, 'Alternate Take' ~ Part Seven

Posted on 2006.02.01 at 00:46
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“Ridiculous Thoughts~Alternate Take,” Part Seven....

This last set consists mostly of the "happy" rather than "angsty" material. In these, he seems to have found an interior room or space that has old recording devices in it, he picks up the signal, hears the music, and rejoices.

I included the first three caps, even though his face is not very visible, simply because I loved his profile and the line of his throat. These are followed by a few screencaps that highlighted his hands. (Apart from his stubby nails, I think his hands are quite exceptional.)

Then come frames that show him getting ready to hear the music, hearing it, reacting to it with elation, then what looks like a burst of euphoric release. This sequence is similar in the "official" version of the video (which I capped previously), so these may look familiar. But this version has many more, and more of them are in focus. Lucky me!

For last, I saved a frame from a sequence that actually appears early in the alternate version, but I thought one of them would make a perfect final picture. In these shots, EW could have been the ispiration for, "The Afternoon of a Faun," but a sleeping faun. I think he looks, well, there just aren't words, he's so utterly lovely.

~ Series Seven of the Elijah Wood "Ridiculous Thoughts" screencaps, from the "Alternate Take", to be found on the "Extra Features," of the Cranberries DVD, "STARS - The Best of Videos 1992-2002"....

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild


(Deleted comment)
mechtild at 2006-02-01 14:29 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, they are better seen as stills. Each one becomes a moment of golden time captured and pressed like a rose in a book, except that these images never lose their freshness.
aussiepeach at 2006-02-01 13:10 (UTC) (Link)


I'd say something here, but I think I'd embarrass myself.
mechtild at 2006-02-01 14:46 (UTC) (Link)
Oh, why not? There's nothing you could say that would embarrass ME, when it comes to fawning over a mere chit of a boy. In these he's old enough to have been married off to a royal heiress or to bed Juliet. That's old enough for a fantasy life. It's not as though he's "real", or that we are going to run into him at the store buying a new CD and drag him off to our respective lairs. Not that I wouldn't want to.

Film-Frodo, and his forerunners, seen in caps like these, and those from the last scenes in "Flipper," is so exquisitely, achingly beautiful to me, it makes me feel easy empathy with Thomas Mann's protagonist in Death in Venice. I wonder if he isn't my own "Tadzio," the golden youth whom the older, declining Aschenbach gazed upon on the beach and became obsessed with. Aschenbach's love for the young tourist turned from aesthetic appreciation to an erotic obsession love, although he never had any contact with the boy, but following him and his family around.

I hope, in my own aesthetic-cum-erotic older woman's love, I don't end up as darkly as did Eschenbach. I suppose the story of his fall should be a caution to me.

You know, I should write a post about this one day. :)
aussiepeach at 2006-02-01 23:38 (UTC) (Link)
His age has nowt to do with it, I just turn into a drooling fool.

*breathes into paper bag*

mechtild at 2006-02-02 00:02 (UTC) (Link)
GAWD, you crack me up. *borrows paper bag for similar hyperventilating attack*
frodosweetstuff at 2006-02-01 13:38 (UTC) (Link)
Thank you for all the screencaps! I have not seen the video - one of the reasons being that I absolutely detest the Cranberries - but it's so lovely to see those images. :)

Just noticed that Elijah looks so much younger in the screencaps when he is smiling than in those where he looks desperate or anguished - which reminded me of Frodo and thinking the exact same thing about the screencaps from Mordor for instance and those from the beginning and the Grey Havens (although then I put it down to those scenes being shot before the others).

/rambling :)
mechtild at 2006-02-01 14:56 (UTC) (Link)
One day, I hope the filmmakers will provide a production diary of the films, noting when all the takes that made it into the films were done. Wouldn't that be great?

I think that "the money shot" at the opening was filmed with EW was older, but that much of the opening scenes were very early, such as the Fireside scene. I think a lot of the later stuff was done quite early, too. I thought he looked very young at the Grey Havens and with Bilbo in the wagon, but older in the desk scene. The desk scene did turn out to be his last take.

You are right, he tends to look younger when he smiles. His open-mouthed smile, particularly, is rather goofy and endearing, rather than enchanting, I think. It's his serious-faced frames that are the ones that always look like classical paintings. Perhaps because classical paintings tend to show their [usually elevated] subjects in grave moods, whether because of being in situations of extremity, or simply subdued and dignified.
frodosweetstuff at 2006-02-02 14:37 (UTC) (Link)
*blushes* What is the "money shot"?

Yes, and I blame the gap, too!

You always have such interesting things to say. *is a bit ashamed*
mechtild at 2006-02-02 16:10 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, the teeth. *eyes twinkle* How I loooove those little predator teeth.

This is the "money shot" (I did a screencap series on it):


The expression comes from a remark Dom made in the Actor's Commentaries for the EE of FotR.
frodosweetstuff at 2006-02-03 13:06 (UTC) (Link)
:) We must be really far gone in our Frolijah worship that we swoon over his teeth... *giggles*

Ah! One day I'll watch the DVDs and the extras all over again - it's frightening how much I've already forgotten! Thanks for the link. Yes, it is a money shot (although I must say that that green shirt... *drools a bit*)
mechtild at 2006-02-03 15:03 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, his teeth on someone else would prompt me to say, "Can't he visit his cosmetic dentist?" But on him, they are part of the charm.
Estë   (or ST for short)
este_tangletoes at 2006-02-03 19:03 (UTC) (Link)
Mechtild, many thanks for posting these wonderful screencaps for us to see. I can’t imagine how much work you have put into this seven-part project, but I’m really grateful that you did it. The result is beautiful.
mechtild at 2006-02-03 23:02 (UTC) (Link)
They really are spectacular, aren't they? What an absolutely, unbelievably beautiful 'beaut' of a beauty he is in these.
a_lexxy at 2015-07-05 13:50 (UTC) (Link)
Amaizing fotos!
mechtild at 2015-07-07 01:24 (UTC) (Link)
I agree, this music video has beautiful images.
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