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EW Screencaps, Ridiculous Thoughts, 'Alternate Take' ~ Part Six

“Ridiculous Thoughts~Alternate Take,” Part Six....

~ Series Six of the Elijah Wood "Ridiculous Thoughts" screencaps, from the "Alternate Take", to be found on the "Extra Features," of the Cranberries DVD, "STARS - The Best of Videos 1992-2002"....

Several caps like these were posted in a previous entry, but these show a different look on his face. They are from a sequence in which EW is roving through the ruins, looking all around, listening to the mysterious voice....

We see him stop, and the camera comes so close only the lower part of his face is visible, his hand curled around an end of the headset. It lingers while the lighting changes, saturating him with colour. The same device was used in a brief sequence from the "official" version (in Part I of the series), in which EW is shown dangling audio tape above his head like strands of sea weed -- I thought he looked like, "Youth From the Sea" in those caps.

Here, as in those "seaweed" shots, the camera seems frankly to adore EW....

The shots below are ones I find rather magical. Still trying to locate the source of the singing, EW is shown moving through an interior hall in the ruins as he approaches the camera. He is carrying the gramophone bell aloft, angling it this way and that, as if he might pick up her signal. In these caps, framed by the arches of stone, EW reminds me of a statue rising out of a fountain in an ancient courtyard, holding the gramophone horn as if it were a shell from which water issued. A trickling sound would be the perfect touch.

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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