January 9th, 2012

NF-Lee's Mirror Frodo

MEFA wins for jan-u-wine.


It's a little after the fact, the winners announced last week, but real-life doings have prevented this post till now.

Congratulations to jan-u-wine on her awards at the 2011 MEFA's. And thanks to Antane for nominating Jan's poems in the first place.

That I am pleased as punch can come as no surprise to readers of this LJ. Since 2005, I have featured well over a hundred of jan-u-wine's Tolkien-inspired pieces. Jan and I have become friends through working together, finally meeting in person in 2008. But while the posts inspired the friendship, it was the poetry that inspired the posts. Therefore I am very, very happy to see her work's excellence recognized.

Below is a list of the poems that placed, posted with the banners provided by MEFA volunteer artists. The titles of the poems link to their postings in this journal, although they can be read at their original location at LOTR Scrapbook, where all Jan's Tolkien-based work is archived.

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