March 2nd, 2011

NF-Lee's 3/4 Frodo sketch

Winter Poems: 'A Winter's Day', with paintings by Thaulow and Andersen-Lundby.


While it is still winter, here, anyway (it was -7 F this morning), I thought it would be good to present a couple of jan-u-wine poems set in that season.

The poem below contrasts the warm home of Frodo and his parents with the frigid cold outside. It is full of just the right details to create a wonderful atmosphere. The world of the poem seems as real as the room I'm sitting in, perhaps even more real. I feel I am snuggled inside with Frodo, wrapped in familial love and savouring all the good things. Winter presses against the glass and shoulders the door, but it can't get in.

I chose two paintings to set off the poem. Collapse )