January 14th, 2007

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

A new look for my journal(s)....

~ Detail from a tile, 19th century, possibly made by John Meir and Sons.

This all started when I saw just_ann_now's new journal lay-out last week. Ann's new journal was a WOW. I was thrilled by her new look -- classy, sensuous, inviting -- like a red damask-panelled parlour in a ritzy brothel from another century, its floor strewn with Persian carpets. It was utterly evocative of its owner’s art. Ann writes fic that is not only intelligent, but sensuous, hearth-warm, and spiced with a dash of the exotic -- yet soundly rooted in the heritage of our artistic and literary past.

I asked Ann what lay-out scheme she used, too. I thought it exceptionally clear and easy to scan, along with leaving a lot of beautiful background visible. “Nebula”, she answered. I looked it up at once in LJ's styles and themes.

Heavens! What she had done with it! Collapse )