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September 15th, 2006

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Correction on MEFA deadline to vote....

Posted on 2006.09.15 at 10:17

~ Detail of Frodo in silly "come hither" manip made from Sidney Harold Meteyard's Eros, 1900.

Just to note a correction: I had said in my recent "MEFA Reminder" entry that the deadline for voting was the last day of this month, assuming it was the same as last year's. I've checked with the admins and I was wrong. *sheepish face*

This year's deadline to vote is November 20.

~ Mechtild

All this week I have been devising a big, multi-part screencap extravaganza, to "clear the shelves" of all the caps I've already prepared; caps I've had waiting for weeks and months. Nearly all of them are from the end scenes of RotK and from the EE documentary, "Cameras in Middle-earth".

I am still writing and laying out this series of at least ten entries, since I also want to feature selected text excerpts, four poems by jan-u-wine, and a fic by Pearl ( aka pearlette aka Diamond of Long Cleeve aka Nienna), which the cap series will illustrate and vise-versa.

In the meantime....

Here are some visual hushpuppies -- screencaps I made from Cameras in Middle-earth, all tweaked and ready to post. Most of them will be familiar to you; many of you will already have them on file. But only in making the caps did I add these to my own collection.
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Query: Is anyone else having trouble with trying to select text using their mouse pointer? I can no longer select a text for copying, cutting, or pasting. It is most annoying!
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