August 29th, 2006

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Thank you, Taerie, and Good Luck, Dear Daughter!

~ Detail of Taerie's "Frodo of the Shire".

One of my Frodo friends, tairie, has been preparing to move. I was surprised but pleased when I got a PM from her saying....

I am packing up to move and I ran across the original for that picture of Frodo that you liked. Would you like to have it...?
Yes, I wrote back fervently -- although I wasn’t sure which picture she meant, since she’s done several that I’ve admired tremendously.
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The other point of this post was to say that our daughter has been conveyed to Hawaii to start her career at the college of her choice, to study Surfing. I mean, Nursing.

I can’t go into it because it still makes me too teary, although I am extremely happy for her and hope her dreams for the place all come true. Here are some snaps to give a flavour of my feelings, the happier ones:
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