July 14th, 2006

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Art Travesty: Frodo in 'Faun and Bacchante', by Bouguereau....

~ 'Faun and Bacchante', by W. A. Bouguereau, 19th cent., detail.

Warnings: NOT WORKSAFE. By no means sleazy, but it is a nude painting. Depends on your workplace.

* * *

So, then. I'm back from my trip. Once I had gone through my mail, I had meant to get right to work on my next chapter. But it's too darned hot! I can't get serious about writing anything. Catching up on my f-list, I saw an entry from Frodosweetstuff, putting out a call for hobbit-oriented posts. I thought, what about a manip...?
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