April 6th, 2006

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Bree Screencaps, Cont'd ~ Frodo asks about Strider....

Now, where was I before I got carried away with The End of All Things?

Ah, yes. Bree. As I noted in the last Bree entry, the Prancing Pony of the book was a very hospitable place:

As soon as the Shire-hobbits entered, there was a chorus of welcome from the Bree-landers. (…) The Bree-hobbits were, in fact, friendly and inquisitive, and Frodo soon found that some explanation of what he was doing would have to be given. (…) He said he was thinking of writing a book (at which there was silent astonishment), and that he and his friends wanted to collect information about hobbits living outside the Shire, especially in the Eastern lands.

Not a bit like the place in the film....
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