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March 18th, 2006

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Warning: Adult content (discussion of LotR erotic fan art, although not at all graphically).

Recently, following links to links, I have been browsing LJ's and galleries for LotR fan art, specifically erotic art featuring Frodo. I don't mean manips, but paintings and drawings.

I found it very educational (and, in the end, inspiring)....
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I just wanted to note this for friends saving Frodo screencaps:

I redid the series screencaps showing Frodo swooning in fear under the tree root, when the Black Rider is near. I found a much better function in the new photo program I got for Christmas for making the screencaps from this dark scene much more visible.

Here's a frame from that series:

Link to the original entry with the re-done caps:


~ Mechtild

Another note to friends saving screencaps:

I was so pleased with the way the new photo program could brighten very dark images without destroying their integrity, I also re-did two other scenes I had fine-tuned on my old program. These would be from the dark blue night scene, with the hobbits escaping from the Black Rider in the forest on their way to Buckleberry, and the scene in which Frodo is enquiring at the Bree gate.

Here are screencaps from each (for reference). The links to those screencap entries are underneath the respective images.

~ Frodo escapes through the woods to the Buckleberry Ferry:

Link to entry:


~ Frodo enquires at the Bree gate:

Link to entry:


~ Mechtild

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