February 26th, 2006

NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Jack and Ennis find Montana not nearly so repressive as Wyoming….

Warning: Spoof of the film I've loved best since LotR ahead:

On our drive to Montana for our recent “campus visit” trip, I and my daughter saw a sign for a gas station that made us both guffaw. It was in Miles City, for the Kum and Go. It could have been worse. The sign might have said, the “Cum and Go.” But, even spelled with a “K” we both laughed hard enough to make us weepy.

All this while, I had been making my daughter listen [yet again] to the soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain. (“Mom! Aren’t you sick of that yet???”)

“Hmmmm….” I thought.

“The Kum and GoBrokeback Mountain."

A manip project was born.....

* * *

Jack and Ennis Alive and Well in Montana:
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~ Jack waiting for Ennis to arrive in Montana:

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