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February 14th, 2006

Oh, squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would never find a painting that would inspire me to make another Art Travesty manip. But, while I was in my "Frodo Art Travesty" album, adding the titles, dates, and artist's names for each manip, I had to check a few things in Google art sites. In the process, I found there was yet another, earlier version of Cupid and Psyche painted by William Bouguereau. The result? More manips. I will present the original from last year, plus two versions of the new one.
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~ Here is a work-safe crop of the manip I made last year, from Bouguereau's 1895 "Abduction of Psyche":

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Frodo and art fans, here are the two manips I made from it this evening, each preceded by a work-safe version, for the purposes of posting them in the "browser version" that appears for my Friends List.

I love how Psyche is really, really swooning in the version below. (And who would not?) I adore the ravishing blue colour of Cupid's draperies, too, not to mention the stirring suggestion of an upward sweep, or thrust, to those drapes. *Oh, yes* (Obviously, this Cupid means business once he gets Psyche up to his bower on Mt. Olympus.)

~ Frodo as Cupid in Bouguereau's 1889 Cupid and Psyche, Frodo facing Psyche, work-safe crop:

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~ Frodo as Cupid in Bouguereau's 1889 Cupid and Psyche, face forward, work-safe crop:

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