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February 9th, 2006

I thought it was high time for some more Frodo screencaps, so here they are.

Originally, I hadn't planned to cap this sequence from the "Get off the Road" scene, because I thought there were several very nice caps already available at screencap galleries. But, last night as I paused my way through it, I sighed, resigned: they were too beautiful. I had to have them.

In this sequence, Frodo is just beginning to sense something as the other hobbits are grubbing happily for mushrooms. He isn't yet frightened, but he ... "smells something" -- just as the Rider will seem to smell him. It is as if he were a deer, suddenly catching the faint scent of a predator....
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~ Frodo in the 'Get-off-the-road' scene, just beginning to sense that "something wicked this way comes" -- from the theatrical full-screen version of The Fellowship of the Ring:

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