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February 7th, 2006

~ Ennis and Jack looking at the view, from Brokeback Mountain.

Close-up of kiss from second tent scene under the cutCollapse )

~ A good, honest kiss scene, no matter what the characters' genders.*

* Note: Opening up this entry to look for a link, I found that this picture had been removed from my Photobucket album. I certainly did not take it down. Since it was not obscene, I assumed it was removed without consenting me because someone browsing objected to it. Looking at it, I suppose it could be considered highly offensive to some viewers, although I think it a good cap from a very moving, beautifully filmed scene. Anyway, that is why I put it behind a cut. But, no, even behind the cut was too much. It has been taken down again. I have complained to Photobucket.

One disappointing thing about listening to my wonderful soundtrack recording of Brokeback was that I still could not understand the words sung by Rufus Wainwright, in his song that plays under the end credits, The Maker Makes.
Fed up, I looked up its lyrics on a website….
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