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January 12th, 2006

Greetings! I have just returned from visiting family, "back east". While I was out there I was able to use the internet services that were available in the public library. Although there was never enough time to read all my mail, I did look at my LJ.

I noticed that all of my manips and screencaps seemed wan and pale on all of the library's machines. Boo hoo hoo! The monitor I use at home is rather old. Too old, it seems. I have the "bright" turned all the way up, but everything looks loads darker on my machine. I was shocked to see how different my work looked on newer, very much brighter monitors.

Therefore, I re-did every one of my Frodo Art Travesties, darkening them considerably, re-naming them, and reloading them into the Photobucket album.

If you have any favourites that you have saved, you may want to re-save them. I apologize for the fact that I will have broken links to images posted in threads (such as the "New Frodo's Harem" thread at K-D). My Art Travesty link is in my signature there, however, so no fan of the manips need suffer. *grin* (Note that there are three pages; I apologize that the names of the prints are truncated by Photobucket.)

Now, then. As an "I'm back" gesture, I have made a new manip.

Here's a detail from it:

Frodo and Potiphar's Wife

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