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“Ridiculous Thoughts,” Part One ~ Elijah Wood screencaps….

“Ridiculous Thoughts,” Part One....

In my previous LJ entry (about men in kissing scenes), “How did I manage to get such a hot crush on film-Frodo, who has no love scenes at all?”

Here’s a paraphrase of what I said….

When does one get to see the face of male film characters revealing the range and depth of their emotions? In love or sex scenes, particularly? Nope, in angst scenes.

No, we don't get to see film-Frodo making love. We don’t get to see his face while someone makes him tremble and melt and go wild until he is succumbs in ecstasy. But we do get to see him respond to every sort of non-sexual stimulus: he shivers, swoons, sighs, pants, quakes, sobs, seethes, struggles, strives, sweats, and collapses in delirium. That's when I get to see the emotional "reaction" shots I crave.

Inspired by that post, I am presenting a series of screencaps not of Frodo, but Elijah Wood. They are taken from a 1995 rock video by The Cranberries, for their song, Ridiculous Thoughts…..

The music video shows the band performing, intercut with footage that shows a scruffily-dressed young man with an old head set (played by EW), wandering through a hot-lit, apocalyptic looking landscape of ruined buildings and open sky. He ends up in a place with some old recording equipment, including what looks like the sound bell of an old wind-up grammaphone (see caps below). The young man seems to have found what he has been seeking – music? The sequences end with him slowly lying down, at last content.

I don't know what Elijah Wood was directed to play while shooting this footage. I have only guessed. But these screencaps demonstrate, for me, what I have been talking about. Whatever he was told to play, the resulting footage shows a fabulously attractive teenager registering a range of emotions, wistful, angsty, or ecstatic. I said I wanted a responsive face, and, in these caps, I got it.

Oh, yes.

How I wish Elijah Wood might be given another role (besides Frodo) that makes use of his amazing face, and in which he could convey a similarly wide range of deeply felt emotions.

I’d be in an angst-loving swooner's heaven.

Note: Last year I made a shorter set of caps of “Ridiculous Thoughts” and sent them off to Hobmom, where I believe she posted them on her worthy site, EW Now. This, however, is a much fuller set.


Link to MP3 download of song:

Link to DVD for sale on Amazon:

~ First series of Elijah Wood caps from Ridiculous Thoughts, included on the CD, "The Cranberries: STARS":

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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