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Fireside scene Pt. 2 ~ "Fiery Letters"

I couldn't resist posting the first group from the FotR "Fireside Scene" screencaps....

When I began to make all these screencaps, I told myself I wasn't going to bother doing the scene before the fire in Bag End, with Gandalf telling Frodo about the Ring. There were plenty of caps of that scene, I said. Besides, I was trying to focus on the "lighter" moments of which there were so few in the films, or else the bits I felt hadn't been capped much. I was sure that Frodo's plucky little smile, which comes at the end of the scene when he says, "I can cut across country easily enough," would be just the sort of sequence I was looking for.

However ... I made the fatal mistake of watching the full scene all the way through. Within ten frames I was hitting the "pause" button. Then again. And again. Soon I had a hundred screencaps. Frodo's face was just so varied and so beautiful, in so many of them, I couldn't bear not to save them.

Here are the first set of them, if you still haven't had enough of "Fireside Frodo," that is. I pared the set down to fifty, which I will post in three segments.

Looking through all fifty caps from this superbly lit and photographed (and acted) scene, I think my very favourite images might be the first three. Although the first two are nearly identical, there was enough of a subtle difference between the set of the eyebrows that I couldn't choose between them (*revealed as one in whom Frodo's eyebrows inspire lust*). All the "Fireside" screencaps look like paintings to me, but these do most of all: sheer, classical loveliness, as Baroque as they can be.

~ Screencaps from Frodo's coverage in the scenes with Gandalf, from The Fellowship of the Ring, full-screen version of the theatrical release:

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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