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Frodo, hiding under a tree root, inspires in his fans more than dread….

In celebration of one friend’s good test results, and to encourage another just about to enter hospital, I am posting another set of screencaps….

I’ve had these waiting in the wings since before Christmas, but have tried to refrain from “wasting my time” loading and posting them. Ah, well. *smiley face*

These are from the tail end of “Get off the Road,” in FotR, when Frodo and the other hobbits are hiding under a great tree root from the Black Rider.

I have honed this group over and over to get it down to about twenty so that I could post them at one time. I also have brightened and sharpened them considerably, due to their darkness on a small computer monitor.

Here is an example of an unretouched frame from the series:

(Mariole, I hope you are out there, since a lot of these will appeal especially to you. *snicker*)

~ Frodo in FotR, full-screen version of the theatrical release, hiding from the Black Rider….

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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