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FotR screencaps: Leaving the Shire, and, "Get off the Road"....

I'm tired, it's late, but I feel the need for some new Frodo screencaps to stare at.

Here are the rest of what I already had loaded into my Photobucket from before Bree.....

(Still to tweak and load are a TON of caps of Frodo hiding under the tree root, and Frodo in the Bag End fireside scene with Gandalf. These are so many, they will have to wait until after Christmas.)

The first five screencaps show the predawn departure of Sam and Frodo, when Gandalf is seeing them off. The obvious use of the small scale doubles has always aggravated me slightly, but the beautiful reaction shots of Frodo as Gandalf warns him are some of my favourites. The sequence finishes up with a lovely "Well, I guess we're in for it!" look between Sam and Frodo. I included the frame I thought best from that little series.

Note the hand of Gandalf on Frodo's shoulder. The film makers appear to have slipped up and used Ian McKellen's slender-fingered hand rather than that of the large scale double. Only another hobbit-sized person could belong to that hand. I never noticed it until I was making the caps. Hmmm. I suppose I was too busy gaping at Frodo! Did I care whose hand it was, really, as long as film-Frodo's face was in the picture? No, I did not.

~ Gandalf warns Frodo as he sends the hobbits out of the Shire, from FotR:

The sets of caps below all are from the "Get Off the Road" sequence.

~ First, Frodo takes a moment to recover from his tumble down the cliff:

The next six are from the moment when Frodo senses the approach of the Black Rider. While his friends grub in the dirt for mushrooms, Frodo is alert. He listens intently, increasingly aware of danger until in a moment he commands them off the road.

Things looked extremely promising in this scene for a really astute, leaderly sort of Frodo to come. *sigh* Well, we won't talk about that.

I really love this moment in the film, it is so well-done. I love its use of the surreal, its vividness, its suspense. And, viewed frame by frame, it is a rich source of gorgeous images of Frodo. His face is so classically stunning, his expression so intelligent, so noble, so clearly prepared to do What Must Be Done, it is difficult for me to remember that these really aren't paintings.

(I am sure most of you already have some or all of these caps in your files, but I couldn't resist looking at the whole string of them.)

The last frames are from the moment after the hobbits have run away and collapsed, panting. Frodo stands and stares, unnerved and clearly thinking, "What the -- ?"

I admit I posted these two strictly for the swoon factor. The richness of the hair! The eloquent curl and sweep of the eyebrows! The heroically chiselled nose! The beautifully modelled and highly biteable chin! And the colours! The sapphire of the eyes! The rose-stained cheeks! And the lips!!! Oh, like fruit! reddened and plumped to ripeness! *slaps self*

~ Frodo in the "Get off the road" scene, from FotR:

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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