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Featuring fan art by Taerie, also plugging Whiteling, Maewyn and Ariel

While I am on this procrastination roll, I thought I would post a Frodo illustration I came across that I really, really admired....

I don’t usually take the time to browse any of the Tolkien fanart galleries, but occasionally a fellow-poster will display a new work -- her own, or someone else’s. That is how I have come across drawings of Frodo that I have really liked. The illustration I am linking below, however, I “discovered” in a more intentional way.

A month or so ago, an LJ user whom I did not know, taerie posted a comment. Immediately I was struck by her icon. It looked like a detail from a larger Frodo art work.

Here is a facsimile of her icon (hers has text added):

Image hosted by

That sliver of image intrigued me so much I went to her User Page, found out she was an artist, followed her link to a gallery where her pieces were being hosted, and saw what must be the full image,in the midst of a string of thumbnails.

I clicked it open, and fell in love....

This is Taerie’s Frodo of the Shire:

Image hosted by

At Elfwood, the gallery hosting her work, she wrote of the piece:

Frodo Baggins of Lord Of The Rings Opaque Watercolour. Here is Frodo in his Shire woods in the sweet days of his hobbit youth and innocence... before he ever heard of..well, you know. The plant behind him is Yarrow. This grows wild in the English countryside and I learned that it's Irish Gaelic name is Athair thalun. This is so similar to Athalus, (Also known as Kingsfoil and the plant Aragorn used to heal Frodo.) that I wonder if it is the inspiration for it. On top of that it has not only been used to treat wounds but also exactly as Aragorn used it broken in hot water for it's aroma. Just a theory…

I thought this picture was exquisite. I loved the rendering of Frodo, of course, but also the entire composition: the saturated pastel colours, the fine detail. I loved how it was at once rich yet spare. It reminded me very much of old Chinese painting. Below is a print of a painting on silk that shows what I mean.

~ Mother and Kittens in a Garden, attributed to Mao 1, Chinese, 12th century:

Image hosted by

Taerie posted only one other Frodo image at Elfwood, a more traditional pencil drawing. Very enticingly, she said in the text that went with it….

Some artist go through a blue period.. I am going through a Frodo period. That's all I have been drawing lately.. All Frodo All The Time.

All right, Taerie, where are all these other Frodo drawings, hmmm? I think it’s time for you to start an album on your photobucket.

Link to Taerie’s Frodo of the Nine Fingers:

While I am talking about art done by fellow-Frodo fans, I want to put in a plug to any of you who might not have seen their Frodo work, or not all of it....

Whiteling’s excellent draftsmanship is known by many. Here is small copy of her own favourite Frodo drawing, What Will I See:

Image hosted by

My personal favourite is, This Ring is Mine. Here is a small copy:

Image hosted by

If you don’t hang out at K-D, you probably don’t know that Whiteling has been doing Frodo manips, too. Most of them have been humorous but some are of the swoony sort. My favourite so far has been this very charming and cleverly-done transposition of Frodo’s rosy-cheeked face into a page of medieval illumination. Here is a detail from it:

Image hosted by

Whiteling’s full-size drawings are hosted at tgshaw’s excellent Elijah Wood-focussed site, Frodo Lives Within Us Now. Here is a link to the page with her drawings:

To see Whiteling’s manips, use this link to browse her growing album:

Two other Frodo fan friends of mine have done drawings that I would like to remind you of.

maewyn_2 has done two drawings, which are posted at the “Haremite Art” site. If only Maewyn had fewer real life demands on her time! I would love her to do more. (She has had another drawing in the works for as long as I’ve been working on my next chapter!)

Below is a small copy of Maewyn’s, Reflections. I love its soft, inward mood:

Image hosted by

A larger version of this and Maewyn’s other Frodo drawing can be viewed using this link to the Harem website:

If you opened that link, you would have seen a few drawings by another woman who doesn’t have enough time to draw the way she would like. Ariel is not only a writer but an artist ( elasg ).

Here is a head of Frodo she drew that I liked immediately. If you have read any of Ariel’s fic, you will know she emphasises Frodo’s strong will. Determined to face what he must, by strength of will, he is able to endure. He grows in stature but also in sadness). Here is a small copy of her drawing, After the Quest. I think it reveals a sense of the maturity, wisdom, and stoic, contemplative sadness that I associate with Ariel's post-Quest Frodo.

Image hosted by

More of Ariel’s drawings can be viewed on the art page at her web site, Bag End West:

Ariel has also done a lot of Frodo manips, too, funny and swoony. She says she is going to collect them in one place, perhaps at the Harem art page, at her own site, or both. When she does, I will edit that link in here so that I can have them at my fingertips.

~ Mechtild
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