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New "Frodo Art Travesty" ~ Frodo as The Prisoner of Love

Yes, STILL procrastinating, but having such fun:

I have made a NEW "Frodo Art Travesty" manip.

I think this one may be my favourite yet....

Here's a cropped, work-safe version of it:

The Prisoner of Love-cropped

Over in Frodo's Harem at K-D, we have been trying to match a "St. Frodo of Osgiliath" screencap (showing Frodo in thrall to the Ring: turbulent skies, head raised to heaven, eyes rolled up -- you know the sort of thing)to something parallel in classical art. What we came up with, primarily, have been a spate of paintings of St. Sebastian.

Some artists actually did try to show the saint suffering what would have been an agonizing death (ask Boromir), being shot to death with arrows. More used it as an opportunity to show their stuff painting a good-looking male, semi-nude, in a striking attitude. Such Sebastians are almost always comely, young and nicely-made. As a nod to the subject matter, they usually are pierced with a few artfully placed arrows. The saint usually gazes serenly heavenward, looking fetching.

An artist and manipper whom I know from K-D, Whiteling, posted an image St. Sebastian from the Italian Baroque that I thought absolutely swoon-inducing. Not only was it a wonderful example of Baroque painting, dramatically lit, with great textures and a stunning contraposto pose, the painter had done marvelous draperies around the loins, giving his Sebastian a decidedly endowed and *virile* look. Yes, this St. Sebastian made me go *thud*.

I thought, "Heavens! What a fantastic Frodo Art Travesty manip he would make!"

In fact, Whiteling already has gone ahead and made a great manip while I still was shilly-shallying.

Below is the original painting: Guido Reni's 'St. Sebastian', 1625:

Image hosted by

Here's a link to Whiteling's manip. She chose a rather spiritual face for Frodo and it is quite beautiful:

Her manipping technique, as usual, is superb.

Nevertheless, I still was burning to do my own manip, since I already had decided just which face I wanted to use, a different one from Whiteling's. Not only did I think it was it a gorgeous face (and a well-known one), but its lighting was perfect for matching up to the original painting.

So, without further ado,

*drum roll*

The not spiritual version....

~ Frodo, as painted by Guido Reni:

The Prisoner of Love-full manip

I think he looks like the prisoner of Love, nobly waiting his fate.


~ Mechtild
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