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Frodo in the Corn ~ FotR screencaps

I know, I know, I'm procrastinating.

I was looking for a face (for a possible new Art Travesty manip), from among my yet unposted screencaptures. Looking through the caps from the "hobbits in the cornfield" series, I was so enamoured, I just had to post at least some of them....

I suppose I should say, "maizefield," since, other than in the U.S., "corn" refers to grains like wheat. Did the Shire have sweet corn? Well, if M-E could have tomatoes, tobacco and potatoes, I suppose there is no reason the film couldn't throw in a stand of sweet corn.

This moment comes immediately after Frodo emerges from the corn rows, in answer to Sam's panicked call. The cousins have not yet burst upon them.

I know I keep saying this, but I find his beauty in these painting-like pictures breathtakingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. There aren't that many scenes taken outdoors in the films that use such a light. The cart scene was very variably sunny, but Frodo's make-up or the lighting made some of those moments seem a little thin, colour-wise. The "Get off the road" scene is rich, but shadier than this. The pre- and post- Moria scenes are bright, but the light is bit harsh, almost bleak. But the colour in this cornfield scene is lush, almost saturated, yet incredibly soft, as if every frame had been rendered in pastels. Ah, the jeweled eyes! The chestnut depths in the tousled hair! The warmth of the brown plushy velvet! The delicate rosy bloom on those cheeks and lips!

Alas, poor Frodo, when I think how wan and bloodless he will look the next time he passes through the Shire....

~ Frodo's reaction shots in the corn field scene, FotR, theatrical version:

Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

~ Mechtild
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