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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Browse the internet for Frodo stuff, and what do you find?

Posted on 2005.06.13 at 00:08
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OK, Here I have been -- avoiding writing my tiresome chapter -- and the internet (as ever) has been calling. Now, I have an LJ, I have access to the links of friends, but also to friends of friends, and to friends of those friends' friends, and so on. Browsing for anything Frodo-ish, I found out more than I have wanted to know, perhaps.

Ah, how the Fro-smut fans have departed in droves for J. K. Rowling's shores! (And elsewhere, but mostly to there.) I think that Frodo may simply have got too old to maintain his fresh budding-youth appeal for many of his fans. (Not, so far, the fate of a now-grown child actor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa).

The fact is, the character of Harry Potter simply is much younger. Perhaps that was a great part of the appeal of film-Frodo all the time -- not just his beauty, but his youthful beauty. I certainly noticed it, as did many of film-Frodo's female fans who were in or approaching middle-age. Suddenly besotted, we shrieked inwardly, "Heavens! I've become a pedophile!" (Not that older men ever think this when they pant for much younger women...)

Well, from my browsings tonight, it would appear that dear fanfic-Frodo has lost his original lustre for some, if not many (I was reading this off primarily slash sites, though other viewpoints were represented). Has he got too old -- even too accomplished from all those years of non-stop boffing in fanfiction? I suppose that, now, even he and Sam seem "a stodgy old couple" in comparison to the young bloods rising in fandom. Frodo must be getting to be almost as old as his book-canon age, in fanfic writers' imaginations.

Fans have become hungry for sweeter meat -- younger meat -- and have gone off to hunt it down.

(Well, lamb has always been preferred to mutton. *snerk*)

~ Green Ghost's, In the Tower, her Cirith Ungol Frodo.

While snooping around, I found some fascinating items lying around in the LJ's of these fans and writers. Just look at this! I found this manip, made from a well-known (and cherished) Frodo-in-bondage screencap from RotK. On the site where I found it, it was credited to, "Green Ghost." Well, thank you, Green Ghost, wherever you are!!!

As you will see, this screencap has been "finessed" to show Frodo as CANON Frodo in the Cirith Ungol scene. That is, he is not wearing anything. There's a healthy dose of red light added to it, too. (Very canon touch, again.) Clone-brushed away are film-Frodo's trouser tops. And no underwear waistband is peeping out. Bathed in ruddy light, this Frodo is wearing nothing, as per the book. I am confident you will feel the same rush of vindication and pleasure at the sight of "book canon restored" when you have viewed this manip....RIGHT! (*knowing grin*)

Edited to add:

Is this a pencil sketch, and not a manip (see Ariel's reply below)? I just saw it hosted at The Green Door per Mariole's link below, where it says it was made with Paint 7. Amazing finessing, though.


ylla999 at 2005-06-13 07:05 (UTC) (Link)
Happy to see you here in LJ land...welcome...welcome...welcome
mechtild at 2005-06-13 07:20 (UTC) (Link)

the same to you, ylla!

Ylla, it warms my little old heart to see that you visited here. I have missed you in the land of the panty-waving Frodo maniacs. (The ones they bought on sale from Galadriel's Secret in downtown Avalonne on Tol Eressea.)

I sent you a PM at K-D, but it is redundant now.

~ Mechtild
elasg at 2005-06-13 11:19 (UTC) (Link)
Actually, I believe that is a pencil sketch - I've seen it before and the artist does some lovely things, but that is one of my favorites.
mechtild at 2005-06-13 11:48 (UTC) (Link)

Green Ghost's pic not a manip? It's a pencil sketch?

Ariel, you wrote,

Actually, I believe that is a pencil sketch - I've seen it before and the artist does some lovely things, but that is one of my favorites.

You've seen this before and know the artist's work? It's a pencil sketch?
Wow! I confess I thought the pubic hairs peeking out at the extreme left looked very much like the sort of hairs and curls I've been trying to make using the "clone brush", making the "Art Travesties". But thank you for that note. I will edit it into the Journal Entry.

Ariel, as a matter of LJ form or etiquette, etc., if I find a picture like this, the way I did -- just Googling around -- is it all right to post it this way? Or do I need to track down the artist first and ask permission? If so, I will take it down.


~ Mechtild
mariole at 2005-06-13 13:13 (UTC) (Link)
Hmm, interesting reflections on the mass Frodo desertion. Yes, I saw that a while back. So many fewer people writing LOTR fanfic. I don't know what it was about Frolijah that captured me. I was already in love with Middle-earth. Elijah's performance just incredibly worked for me, and Peter Jackson's visualization of the world. Tolkien had hooked me in years before.

Harry Potter I read once and enjoyed. I saw the movies twice, I think, except the third, which I saw once. And I'm done. Completely satisfied. I never had the urge to reread, and never fell into the fandom. Other people find it stimulating, but there just isn't... whatever it is, there for me. It's not Middle-earth. It's _kids_, for crying out loud. The last HP book I almost couldn't stand Harry, he was so filled with teenage angst. Very beliveable for the age and the character, but NOT the way I want to spend my days. I want adult angst. I want adult situations and adult problems. (You might argue that Harry is dealing with adult problems, but he's still a kid.)

Frodo is not a kid. PJ youthened him, which I accept only because I thought Elijah pulled it off. I routinely write Book!Frodo. I want an old, wise Frodo. I don't want some kid. I want the magic of something so deeply thought out that it continues to reveal layers 50 years after it was published. I've written MASH and Star Trek for fun. These characters grabbed me to that degree. Not HP, not Star Wars. I can't criticize anyone who likes them, because we should all be having fun how we choose! But it's just not _my_ type of fun, so I never had the urge to follow.

Green Ghost is on LJ: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=green_ghost

She's done a bunch of LOTR stuff, but I think it's mostly collected here: http://www.guestroom.the-green-door.net/Green_Ghost/GreenGhostList.htm
You might also want to check out her web site: http://wendeebee.myhosting.net/

Not sure about posting etiquette. I would post a picture with credit if you know it, but I wouldn't worry too much otherwise. I you want to iconize it or use it as a personal ID, I'd contact the originator, though.
elasg at 2005-06-13 14:27 (UTC) (Link)
Going to reply since I am procrastinating at work...

I did write in SW fanfiction back when I was in my teens - it seemed appropriate then, but after I outgrew that (or was slapped in the face by its juvenile nature when Jedi came out), I didn't think anything else would draw me back into fanfiction. It took a BOOK that was mature and deep enough to interest me and a film that rekindled the interest in enough other older fans to get me writing something again. I am delighted to be doing so, but I really can't see anything in Harry Potter, or any other work I can think of right now, that would make me want to write fanfiction about it. Ms. Rowling's books are interesting and fun, but they are about as far as I care to delve into her world. I agree, Mariole, it's just not deep enough to hold my interest either.
pearlette at 2005-06-13 14:22 (UTC) (Link)
I was expecting the LOTR fic fandom to slow down - sad but inevitable. I'm sure the HP fandom is massive. Personally it doesn't interest me at all.

My Next Fandom Thing will be Narnia - I am keenly anticipating the first film - but that won't compare to LOTR. And I'm not interested in any kind of Narnia fic. It's only the LOTR characters that I want to read or write fanfic about.

I've seen the Green Ghost Cirith Ungol before. It's very lovely and he looks very noble. Naked and bound. Poor baby. :(

But this is where Movie!Frodo messes with my head. He is too beautiful for me to be convinced he's really suffering. (If PJ had focused more on the steely aspects of Frodo's character, I guess I might feel differently). If I imagine Book!Frodo in that scene, it loses all of its erotic power. For one thing, I've never imagined Book!Frodo as so ravishingly beautiful and secondly, Cirith Ungol is just too nasty.

Movie!Frodo and Book!Frodo are two different people for me. I adore Frolijah but I never visualise him when reading the book. And try as I might, I can never see Book!Frodo in an erotic or romantic light. That always feels like a missing element from LOTR. I guess that the films and fanfic have more than made up for it. :p

My favourite Movie!Frodo moment is in Cirith Ungol though. It's when he says: 'Give me the ring, Sam. Sam. Give me the ring.' His tone is urgent. He's gazing up at Sam intensely, forgetful of his filthy condition, with those beautiful, expressive eyes. And then Sam hands back the Ring and Movie!Frodo hangs it slowly round his neck, closing his eyes. Accepting his destiny as Ring-bearer once more. I really love that moment.

That TORN piccie is beautiful. Poor Sam looks utterly consumed with despair.
elasg at 2005-06-13 14:41 (UTC) (Link)
That TORN piccie is beautiful. Poor Sam looks utterly consumed with despair.

That is what I love about it! It has the most raw and honest emotion in the face - they didn't worry about 'looking like' the actors, but they look ENTIRELY like the characters as I always imagined them. I adore it!
golden_berry at 2005-06-13 14:56 (UTC) (Link)
Much as I love Harry Potter, I have zero interest in HP fanfic. The Harry/Draco slash that abounds makes me shudder with distaste/alarm to even contemplate the very idea of it.

But LOTR.....my passion for all things LOTR has abated only a tiny, tiny bit in the year and a half since the last film. I have had to cut down on the fanfic reading because of time constraints, due to the fact that, sadly, I have to fulfill my duties at work and home. The pics in this post take my breath away and make my heart ache, just as much as ever. The Frodo in my mind's eye when I read the book now is an older, wiser version of Frolijah, and that makes me very happy.
mechtild at 2005-06-13 15:22 (UTC) (Link)

Mariole, thanks for those links; Hi, Goldenberry!

As usual, I spent so long snatching the time to write this, I've missed the spot "it goes into" the discussion. Forgive me for posting it anyway. I can't "not" do it; it took too long!

Goldenberry, how lovely to see you! More on the HP thoughts in separate post below.

Ariel, that was a very moving illustration you posted of the Pass of Cirith Ungol. Yes, Sam looks extremely anguished. Green Ghost's illustration was "moving", too, but not in the same way. *grin* Yes, Pearl, he was far too beautiful to be swooning from anything but having been recently brought to a rousing orgasm.

I do wish we knew the artist for the one you posted, Ariel. It really does capture the feel of that anguished scene for me quite well. And the composition and colour, the jagged strokes -- they all contributed to the effect.

Mariole, thanks for those links. I saw it posted at The Green Door, under the CU image, that is was "created with Painter 7." I guess that means it is a digitally created piece, after all?

mechtild at 2005-06-13 15:28 (UTC) (Link)

more on Frodo authors moving to HP

I have never read Harry Potter, Mariole, nor have I seen the films. I guess I was too wrapped up in LotR and Tolkien to find the time for it. It wasn't because I was trying not to read them. So I am only speculating about the appeal Frodo had for some of his fandom that would make it possible for many of them to transfer all that heated love and excitement for Frodo so easily over to HP. You note how you are not that interested in a "boy Frodo", that it is his book self, which is older, that draws you.

Well, as you know, I think that a heckuva lot of film-Frodo's appeal lay in his "beautiful youth" appearance, as well as his unguarded emotionality, also associated with youth. I certainly responded to it (and you know all about that! *sheepish grin*). Yet, while loving that film-Frodo package, I still am deeply rooted in the Frodo of the book - who is older. But I think a lot of fanfiction really was sparked and driven by Frodo's film persona, which featured a Frodo who was the apparent human age of his actor over the course of the shoot: late teens -- early twenties. My own fic's Frodo's life hots up at around that age.

I just read all this HP stuff last night, so I am still thinking about it. I was moving from link to link through the "friends" links in yours or Maeglian's lists. Seeing Teasel's name, I clicked it. I don't know her at all, but I know who she is famous in the world of Frodo fanfiction.

From that link, I opened her journal and saw posted there her "goodbye letter" -- it was from back in 2004! She explained that she was archiving her LotR-based journal, letting it be known that she had since moved on to [mostly] HP slash.

Floored, I read some of her archived stuff in "Memories", including three opinion pieces on slash (hers was one of them).

The thing most regularly emphasised in these discussions, was that fans read and wrote that genre for the "hawt boysex." Frodo's sex appeal simply seems not to be as "hawt" as it was two or three or four years ago. I don't know. Perhaps they are just burned out writing the same relationships for Frodo.

But, considering the emphasis on the appeal of the erotica itself (as one said, "What fan really reads this stuff for the character development? - come on!"), I can't help considering: what is it that both Harry Potter had to offer that film-Frodo had to offer fanfiction writers? Youth. I can't think of anything other than that which goes with being a young male -- lots of [real or imagined] heightened sexuality -- all mixed up with lashings of edginess, angst and sheer, "what the heck?" playful lustiness to tap into.

I haven't read that many of the fanfics that are out there, as you know, but a fair sampling of some good stuff. I think what the fanfic writers who have left for Harry are leaving for is that combination of pronounced emotional vulnerability, and wild, risky-taking sexuality that is associated with older youths. One discussion writer emphasized that a strong appeal of slash fanfiction for women was its "transgressive" quality. I had not thought of that. Perhaps when the heros are teen-agers, that sense of "transgressiveness" is heightened.

The picture of very young Frodo (largely engendered by the film portrayal) inspired some pretty hot stuff; angsty, funny or pure smut. At the time when Frodo writers were beside themselves to write "hawt boysex" scenarios for Frodo, his laughing, tear-stained or anguished face was filling movie screens: a Frodo young and fresh, full of soul and testosterone and ready for anything fan fic would dream up for him.

Maybe Frodo has "aged" in their minds; "grown up" too much (perhaps from having lived through so much in so many stories and relationships these past few years), and so he's just not as much fun.

What do others think?

~ Mechtild
(Deleted comment)
mechtild at 2005-06-15 23:47 (UTC) (Link)

White Gull!

That's some manip Green Ghost made, ey? I can't say it makes me think much of Frodo suffering in the Tower of CU, though. *grin*

~ Mechtild
elasg at 2005-06-16 10:23 (UTC) (Link)
BTW, did you see this notice?


For the time being, we have a place to go.
julchen11 at 2006-04-10 21:44 (UTC) (Link)
I took me quite a time to read all those lovely comments, it's a pleasure to be here.
And the ´drawing is simply perfect!
mechtild at 2006-04-10 22:02 (UTC) (Link)
Did you mean that Frodo-in-Cirith-Ungol? I can't remember if I commented or not (I haven't looked at this post in a while), but Green Ghost did make that from a screencap. She did really cool work with her photoshopping program, though. It kind of made up for the fact that in the film version there was no red light in the tower room. That was very vivid to me, reading the book scene.

Of course, she made Frodo in the tower pretty darned hot, too, which wasn't in the book scene, LOL.
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