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I meant this for K-D's Fanfiction thread, but, since it's still down....

~ Elijah Wood in the 1995 rock video for Ridiculous Thoughts, by the Cranberries:

My, my, how I love the angst on that kid's face. It's just perfect for Willow-wode's sorely afflicted hobbit 'tween hero, Rites of Passage Frodo, Middle-earth's, "Boy Who Lived" (barely).

I would have posted these remarks in Khazad-dum's "Fanfiction" thread, but it's still down....

As some of you know, I fell in love with fanfic reading Willow-Wode's Rites of Passage. Her first section, "The Hall," drove me crazy with its AU Frodo, its anachronisms and Americanisms, all jumbled into its mix of archaic forms of English speech, and its non-stop angst. But this fic changed my life. No kidding. I wouldn't have begun writing my own fic. Heck, I wouldn't have spent so much time in bed with my husband. *snicker* It has been a gift to me. I have loved this fic and its messed-up Frodo to pieces.

I am one of those fans, however, who became disoriented and a little disenchanted reading RoP's second half, "Bag End." Only on the strength of the first half have I continued doggedly to slog through all its chapters, gypsy fortune tellers and endless recuperations and all. Typically, I have waited until a few chapters stack up before wading through them, ever hopeful that things will "pick up."

Last night, I forded through chs. 21 and 22. I read ch. 23 this morning. They weren't bad chapters, mind you, they were just ... tiring. As a reader, I have been feeling as exhausted and despondent as poor, never-quite-on-the mend Frodo.

*Begin hiss of cymbals and slow drum roll*

Well! This afternoon I read the latest installment, ch. 24. (It is not yet up at WotM, but is up at Willow's site.) What do you know? I'm in loooooooooove again!

Yes, what a happy fanfic reader I am. Ch. 24 really de-livered, yessirree, bob. Oh, I kiss your feet, Willow-wode!

(OK, I'm done. I just wanted to squee somewhere.)

~ Mechtild
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