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Photobucket no longer hosting photos for Mechtild's...

Hello, LJ'ers!

A new reader of my LJ wrote to me last month to tell me a lot of my pictures were down, especially in older posts. Except for recent entries, the images for all my entries since I started my journal in 2004 have been hosted through Photobucket. Photobucket was then a popular way to post images in one's journal or blog--and it was free.

Seeing the images still were not up, I finally logged into my Photobucket account to see what's what. The upshot is that for Photobucket to continue hosting images here, I need to buy their 3rd party hosting plan. As this service costs a whopping 300.00 a year, I regret to say the bulk of my posts at "Mechtild's" will remain image-less.

I could go back and redo all the image addresses in these old posts, of course, uploading everything to LJ's "Scrapbook". But that would involve uploading and re-doing thousands of images and re-typing their addresses into hundreds of posts. I know I will never do it.

For those of you who liked the images themselves, they still are there at Photobucket, but they can't be seen in the entries for which I uploaded them.

My apologies!

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