Mechtild (mechtild) wrote,

Spam comment nuisance returns.

Just an apologetic note to unregistered readers of this journal, not that you will be able to say anything back as soon as I post.

Because of the tons of repellent spam my journal was getting, several months ago I sighed and set my journal to "registered users only" in an effort to cut down on the glut. It worked to a degree, but I was still getting lots of spam comments from registered users advertising their wares through LJ. So, with an even deeper sigh, because I have always intended this LJ to be completely public, I set it to "friends only". That did the trick.

Because I wanted everyone in the world to see these new poems of jan-u-wine's I just posted, I took off the restrictions yesterday morning. No spam! Woo hoo! Maybe they took my journal off their lists?

I spoke too soon. Just now I received what I am sure is the first of a tidal wave of trash, an anonymous comment advertising porn its site. I deeply regret having to do it, but I am putting Mechtild back to "registered users only". When the trash comments start showing up from unethical registered users, I will put it back to "friends only".


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