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NF-Lee's Gildor and Frodo

Jan-u-wine's 'The Master Observed' and 'Frodo's Lamp', with paintings by Grimshaw and Carlsen.

Posted on 2012.07.14 at 17:39


mechtild at 2012-07-15 12:45 (UTC) (Link)
Good morning, Shirebound. I was out last night, right after I posted, me and my spouse taking my parents-and-law to a concert of big band (excellent!) with dancing and a dance competition. That's an example of the happier things I've been doing. I've also been getting a lot more outdoor exercise -- years of pouring over a keyboard (as a fan, not in my job) have taken their toll. Not just gardening, but hiking and biking, now that the warm weather has come. The less enjoyable things that have been claiming my attention are things like floods, repairs, health issues, elder care and worrying about elder care. I think you are probably aware of all those sorts of things from personal experience, ha ha.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the post. The poems are beauties, aren't they? Jan has definitely not lost her touch.
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