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Mt. Doom river of fire

For the Anniversary of March 25: Jan's 'The Plea of the Evenstar' , art by Bandwench and Alan Lee.

Posted on 2012.03.25 at 08:12


verangel at 2012-03-26 20:55 (UTC) (Link)
"I was thinking, re-reading this, how Tolkien must have considered self-sacrifice the greatest vehicle and magnifier of grace. Giving of himself, the giver receives. The greater the gift or sacrifice, the greater the redounding grace. Arwen gives Frodo her passage to the Undying Lands -- her inheritance, so to speak -- making Frodo her heir. Her gift is a boon to him, but, in giving it, is ennobled. Similarly Frodo will give his inheritance to Sam. Receiving Frodo's worldly possessions, as well as a spiritual inheritance in the form of Frodo's story, is certainly a boon to Sam, but, at the same time, the giving ennobles Frodo that much more."

*teared up* Beautifuly reasoned and broken down. Can't you imagine how honored Tolkien was to know that people worried over the fate of Frodo. He did suffer and sacrifice so much with a pure heart. He touched Arwen's soul and through this absolultely magnificent poem, beseached that Frodo would replace her. Be honored and allowed the possibility to heal and have dignity restored to a troubled inner soul.

beneath the harsh

of remember'd

desire and sharp-toothed regret,

he fades,

the small

of his life


a lonely ending.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And shall he die,

my Lord,
this small one

who has given

and been

and borne
so much?

Are we shamedly

to farewell


These words would cut into the heart of one such as Gandalf who had a special bond with Frodo. He would accept this gracious and selfless gift to Frodo. They took care of each other. In the appendecies the indication is that Sam would be accorded a place on a ship to join Frodo. I wonder about that in thinking of Arwen's place being given to Frodo.

I love when you two do this. The picture by Bandwench is stunning, absolutely stunning. So much in those eyes. A wounded prince, one very humbled and deserving.
Love you both tons xoxoxoxo hugs v
mechtild at 2012-03-26 22:29 (UTC) (Link)
Verangel, I am pleased to the depths to read how much this poem meant to you, and the ideas surrounding it, and how much you liked the beautiful manip Bandwench made. We spent a long time preparing this piece; it's gratifying when people, especially people who love Frodo and Tolkien so much, appreciate it.

These words would cut into the heart of one such as Gandalf who had a special bond with Frodo

Oh, dear, yes....
jan_u_wine at 2012-03-27 22:49 (UTC) (Link)
Dear Verangel....I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post so much. I think, too, that Gandalf would had to have been moved by Arwen's plea.

As to Sam...well, I think that it wasn't so much a 'real' place on the boat that Arwen gave up to Frodo. Rather, she put forward the idea that mortals who were worthy might be granted passage (all three hobbits were granted passage under the 'umbrella' of their being Ringbearers, but I think we might dissect that generalization a lot more in terms of looking at why the other two hobbits were granted passage). (i'm interested enough now that i want to investigate the 'tickets' granted to Master Baggins, Senior, and Master Gamgee!)

At the end of the day, what matters, I suppose, is that they *were* granted that passage.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!
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