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Mt. Doom river of fire

For the Anniversary of March 25: Jan's 'The Plea of the Evenstar' , art by Bandwench and Alan Lee.

Posted on 2012.03.25 at 08:12


ambree40 at 2012-03-25 14:54 (UTC) (Link)
What a beautiful tribute to Frodo and to Arwen Undomiel. Thank you both so much. Jan_u_wine’s poem brought me to tears, as happens so often when I’m reading her poems.
You chose some wonderful illustrations from Alan Lee, and the “Prince Elijah” manip from Bandwench shows Frodo’s damaged soul so well.
It’s interesting that you refer to “the inner light Gandalf had seen in Frodo as he recovered in Rivendell”. That passage was also in my mind when I thought of a celebratory LJ post for today. I decided on film images of Frodo’s awakening in the Houses of Healing. ‘He may become like a glass filled with a clear light for eyes to see that can.' Whether intentional or not, for me that film scene resonated strongly with Gandalf’s words in Rivendell.
mechtild at 2012-03-25 19:16 (UTC) (Link)
Yes, his poor soul. But I can't help thinking his sojourn in the West restored it.

That light. Yes, light is a huge revealer in Tolkien, no? The high Elves radiated light, to those with eyes to see, reflecting the light of the Two Trees under which they'd lived in Aman, ages before, the same light that was in the Silmarils, and Earendil (with a Silmaril on his brow as he sailed the sky), whose light gave hope to the people of Middle-earth. I am sure the light, in both cases, Frodo's and the high Elves', was meant to be the same thing: the light of divine illumination. Surely that light would have increased in Frodo, living in the presence of the Elves and the Valar, the agents of Iluvatar's power to create and heal and restore. Well, maybe I just *want* it to, but I am sure it came to pass. :)

And, yes, that scene of Frodo waking, even though no book lines were spoken to refer to it, was bathed in light. Not just Frodo but the whole scene glowed.
jan_u_wine at 2012-03-27 03:33 (UTC) (Link)


Dear Ambree, thank you so much! These sort of tears.....they owe as
much to joy as to grief, I think. That grants them a merit as great as he who engendered them.
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