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The FotR Extras: A Sam/Frodo fanfic resource....

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More caps from the "Extras" disc for the theatrical version of FotR....

I explained previously that I hadn’t thought there was anything in the LotR films to inspire a Merry/Frodo erotic pairing, but I do think the filmmakers provided fuel for a Frodo/Sam one. I don't think the writers, the director, or the actors intended the relationship to be read that way, according to their remarks in interviews and in the commentaries, but they have acknowledged that large numbers of film fans see the onscreen relationship as one between lovers.

Me, I still see the film as portraying the two as friends, if very equalized friends (the class distinction Tolkien kept in place in the book is nearly done away with in the films). However, there are a few film scenes in which loving looks between the two are photographed so lingeringly, so pointedly, a person who already is thinking along slash lines can be forgiven for finding them full of innuendo.

Watching the FotR TE extras, there were many clips that showed the hobbit actors being very affectionate with each other as a group – horsing around, embracing, kissing. It is my guess that this sort of footage did much to inspire the wealth of fic that has featured the hobbits engaging in a lot of hot but essentially companionable sex, as twosomes, threesomes, or more, rolling around licking each other like puppies. Everywhere. (*snortle*) But none of the horsing around I've seen in the Extras shows Frodo/Elijah Wood and Sam/Sean Astin singled out specifically as a pair.

One scene did leap out at me as “fodder” for the S/F fanfic pairing, however. It seems to have been an outtake from the Farewell Party scene. In it, Sam and Rosie have been laughing together. Suddenly Frodo throws himself into Sam’s arms. It might have been Elijah just horsing around, but they look as if they are in character, so I have assumed it was filmed as part of the scene.

Watching this sequence from the Extras, a scene from a favourite highly-rated slash fanfic popped up in my mind. It was from Bill the Pony’s outrageous but highly entertaining, Hare and Hounds. In that story’s opening, a saucy Frodo enrols himself as a “hare” in the local Overlithe footrace, in which mostly lads chase mostly lasses through the night, in order to have their way with them -- if they can catch them (or, if they allow themselves to be caught). Frodo does this in order to entice a reluctant Sam (one of the “hounds”) to act upon the attraction he suspects Sam has been keeping in check. In accordance with the rules, hounds may only chase hares from whom they have previously snagged a token; a ribbon. When Sam sees that a number of lasses and lads are snagging ribbons from Frodo during the preliminary chase, Sam joins the pursuit. Sam finally runs Frodo to earth, so to speak, and Frodo is cornered. But, rather than wait for Sam to snatch the token from his shirt, Frodo leaps into Sam’s arms and snogs him, right in front of all and sundry. The story goes on from there to its NC-17 conclusion, in fine B the P style.

Here is the series of caps that made me think of that scene from Hare and Hounds. I have tried to lighten and sharpen them, but they still are not very good. Sam and Rosie seem to be cheering the dancers on when Frodo, apparently running over to them from out of the midst of the dancers, leaps into a surprised Sam’s arms. Because the first few were so blurry, the caps below start with Frodo already in Sam’s arms. Sam eases him down, still hugging him, clapping him on the back. Seeing this sequence, especially taken out of context, I thought, "What an S/F goldmine!"

From the SCI-FI channel’s A Passage to Middle-Earth, on the FotR TE DVD Extras:

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(Note: the rest of these caps have been moved to the subsequent LJ entry:)

I am posting the following sequence not because they look particularly slashy, but just because Frodo is so lovely in them. The actors are in character, so I assume they are another outtake.

Caps from the FOX channel’s, The Quest for the Ring:

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Click HERE for table of Frodo and Elijah Wood Screencaps.

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